Flexible Side Gig.

Co-Management is a new exciting income opportunity

Gig opportunity for great service providers

For years, landlords have been frustrated with property managers.  Co-Management is a modern solution that utilizes individuals to assist in managing local rentals. 

Creating an opportunity for motivated individuals to form their own scope of income.


You determine how many units to manage.  Make it a side hustle for income. Or, make it a full-time job.

More Profits

Unlike other gig opportunities, there are no major expenses.  Like fuel for your car.

Not Hourly

Earn your worth!  Rental management is a flat income per unit.  Monthly income.

Perform Management Tasks

Make an earning from landlords that need assistance with their rental properties.  Co-Management tasks commonly cover:

  • Maintenance Coordination
  • Rental Inspections
  • Tenant Setup
  • Leasing
  • Updating Accounting

Efficiency allows for profits

Co-Managers that can systemize to be more efficient can minimize their work time.  Resulting in higher profits.  This efficiency also allows co-managers to take on more rental units.  Resulting in more income.

Some months require more of your time for unexpected maintenance issues.  Most months require minimal time when everything is sailing smoothly.

    Stop driving around town for a living

    Other gig opportunities require you to drive your vehicle, pay fuel expenses, and rely mostly on tips to make a decent earning.  

    Co-Managers thrive being hyperlocal and reliable for landlords.  Managing rental units that are within minutes of their home.  And most tasks can be performed remotely with a cell phone.

    Control your future

    Co-Management is designed for flexibility.  Our primary goal is to provide landlords fantastic customer service.  Therefore co-managers control how many units to co-manage while maintaining great service.

    Start as a side-income opportunity.  Eventually, go full-time if you desire.  Decide your own future.

        Ready to earn money as a

        Flexible. Remote. Income.

        Provide great service and build your brand.

        Start today by building your profile. Any interested landlords in your area can start to request proposals for your service.