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Property management that uses technology and local partners

Teamwork makes the dream work

Co-Management is built on the principle that landlords should have a say in their rental management.  With the help of local individuals to assist in managing rentals, landlords have the flexibility to manage their rental portfolio how they see best.

Who are these Co-Managers?

Gone are the days of being passed around the different employees of a management firm.  Co-Managers are individuals seeking to help landlords.  Hyperlocal to your rentals.

Every Co-Manager has their own unique set of skills.


  • Maintenance knowledge
  • Leasing and screening experience
  • Near to rental

Hyperlocal presence is smarter

Rather than pay for your management firm to travel cross town to inspect or handle a maintenance item, Co-Managers are hyperlocal.  Their hyperlocal presence allows for quicker action when needed.  Avoid excessive trip charges that traditional firms love to charge.

Co-Manager’s can live in the same city, crossroads, block neighborhood.  Or, even be the neighbor.


Full time or part time?

Despite what your traditional property manager says, managing a rental is not a full-time job.  Only full time when one manages hundreds of units.  Middle of the night emergencies is rare.  With proper maintenance and preventative care, unexpected repairs can be reduced.

Co-Managers are responsible to build their own portfolio of clients.  Allowing the freedom for these co-managers to decide what services to offer and their own rates.  Co-Managers may decide to manage enough units to be their primary source of income.  Or, they can manage a single unit for extra income. 

Co-Management is focused on the quality of management. Not the quantity of managed units.

Smarter management. Powered by software.

Co-Management is built on the required software allowing all parties to perform their tasks.  Managing smarter means reducing pointless tasks.  Tasks that traditional management firms like to charge for.  Optimizing the process for landlords, co-managers and tenants.

Rent Allocation

Burbz allocates rent directly to the landlord. While also paying the co-manager their dues.  Eliminating rent distributions and waiting 3 weeks to receive your rent check.  Co-Managers never touch your money.

Portfolio Data

Property data always belongs to the landlord.  Allowing easier transitions whenever a landlord wants to make a change of co-managers.  Gone are the days of management setup fees.


Every transaction is recorded and automatically tagged to the property.  With the ability to manually add transactions that occurred offline.  Simplifying the accounting process.

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