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Here is a list of useful “How To’s” for Burbz to help you get started.


Connect your bank

Connecting your bank allows you to make or receive payments to other users on Burbz.  With a connected bank, Burbz can automatically record transactions in your history for reference and accounting.

Add a property

Learn how to add your first property on Burbz.  Step-by-step instructions.  This allows a landlord to assign co-managers and tenants.  As well as track rent, maintenance and documents.

Add income / expense items

Utilize Burbz to track all of your income / expense payments.  Tag to a specific property, unit and tenant.

Add documents to Property

Store your important documents for easy access.  Share documents between landlords and co-managers.

Update listing

Create and update your property’s public listing page.  Allowing you to share on social sites to advertise the property.

Request screening reports

Request your first tenant screening reports.  This process involves both the landlord and tenants.

Submit maintenance ticket

Learn how to submit a maintenance ticket so it records in Burbz system and alerts your landlord and co-manager.


Add Co-Manager to My Team

Learn how to add a co-manager to My Team.  Which then allows you to assign them to a property to co-manage.

Assign Co-Manager to Property

Assigning a co-manager to your property(s) gives them access to begin co-managing.  Access to documents, maintenance items, and accounting.

Fill out Co-Manager Terms

Set the terms of your agreement officially in Burbz.  These terms are used for record-keeping as well as automated fee payments.

Pay Co-Manager

Discover how to pay your co-manager for monthly fees, reimbursements or one-off tasks.

Remove Co-Manager from Property

Remove a co-manager from a specific property and end their access.

Remove Co-Manager from My Team

Remove a co-manager from My Team which will not allow you to assign them to any properties.

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