Help Fellow Tenants.
Improve An Indusrty.

Unique opportunity to get discounted product, build your credit and help shape a new industry.

Help shape the tenant experience industry.  Join today to be a beta user!

What is Burbz?

We are a platform to help tenants and landlords with all rental tasks and jobs.  Including rent collection, maintenance tracking and screening reports.

Why consider being a beta Tenant?

There are many reasons to consider being a beta-Tenant:

You believe in our vision for improving the rental experience as a tenant.

You’re an early adopter type and like to help shape a company, features, etc.

You’re looking for discounted products.  Hey, we won’t judge!

Property manager side hustle income

What is expected from me?

Currently, Burbz is seeking beta Tenant’s that want to build their credit score by paying rent.  Only a third of renters have their rent payment reported.

For this beta program, you could see a 30-50pt increase in your credit score over the next several months.  We expect you to:

  • Allow us to submit your proof of rent payments to Transunion. 
  • Provide proof of rent amount owed, share a copy of your lease.
  • Provide proof of rent payment, including date and method.  This can be a screenshot or receipt from apps, bank statements, rent collection software, etc.
  • Pay a discounted price of $5 per submittal, 1 per month.  This product will eventually cost $15-25 once live.

Throughout your experience, we will send surveys about your experiences and ask for the occasional conversation to discuss more.  As well, we may ask you to try out new features before they go public.

We ask for at least a 6 month commitment so you can learn our systems and help us find opportunities and then validate their value post-launch.

What’s in it for me?  You know, compensation.

Ah, yes!  We understand your interest in helping us may come with extra bennies.  In exchange, Burbz will provide discounted services so you can test our features at no further expense.  These discounts may vary in time, amounts, and frequency.

Help shape the tenant experience industry.  Join today to be a beta user!

Additional info and FAQ.

When can quit being a beta?

Anytime you wish.  We ask you send us an email with your intentions so we can stop sending future beta content.

Do we have to use the Burbz platform?

Yes.  As a beta user, we will be asking about your experience both working on our mobile app and web app.  Sometimes your action may be on a live Burbz product or a basic proof of concept app, depending what we are currently testing.

How long is a typical beta trial?

We ask for a 6 month commitment.  We won’t hold you to it if you absolutely want out but we prefer to communicate our expectation upfront.

How much time will this take?

We suggest you plan on 1-2 hours extra per month.  The surveys are typically short, simple and straightforward.  Occassionally, we’ll ask for a conversation instead or wish to show you a demo.  These typically take 45-60 mins but might not occur every month.

Most commonly, we’ll send out surveys to get your quick opinion.

Who will I be interacting with?

Mostly with our founder/CEO Kenny Dahill.  He believes it is important to interact with users and have a direct line.  However, there may be other product managers you interact with.

What if my landlord/manager isn't on Burbz?

That is fine.  We will have payment options for tenants with landlords on and off Burbz.  Although, it never hurts to invite them!

Will this impact my rent payments?

No.  We will not jeopardize your rent payments and causing late fees.  If there is ever a worry about delayedness, we may ask you to make a payment several days earlier than normal as a precaution.