How To:

Submit A Proposal, for Co-Managers

When you are a co-manager on Burbz, you receive FREE leads!  This guide shows how to submit a proposal to a landlord through our marketplace.

Note:  All landlord contact information is initially withheld.  The only option to submit a proposal is through Burbz.  Any interested landlord will reach out to initiate contact. 

Access Your Account / Property


Start by:

Login to your account.

  • Click Marketplace, side menu

Write down the RFP #

It’s best to write down the RFP #, or copy/paste.  We suggest you open the RFP and Submit Proposal in separate windows.  This is used to look up and send the proposal to the correct landlord.  Therefore, if you enter it incorrectly it will not reach the landlord.

    Enter your Contact Information.

    Let the prospective landlord know who you are and the best way to contact you.  If you have created your Co-Manager Profile, make sure to sure the link!  As well, you will need to provide your Co-Manager ID.

    • First and Last
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Co-Manager Profile Link
    • Co-Manager ID


    Share your Co-Management Rates.

    Based on the Landlord’s proposal and scope of service requested, how much would you like to make.  This is your initial proposal, it is not the final rate.  There are several reasons why your final rates may go up or down: scope is larger/smaller than expected, negotiations to fit budget, etc.


    • Monthly Management Fee: how much you want to be paid for ongoing monthly services.  This can be a flat rate or variable.
    • Leasing Fee: how much will you request if the unit is vacant.  This can be a flat rate or percent of rent.
    • Maintenance Hourly Rate:  do you self-perform any work?  Propose an hourly rate for those types of tasks.


    License and Performance

    Not every task requires a license; not every co-manager is licensed.  If you are licensed, indicate such and share your licensee number.  Or, if you have any other certifications or licenses that might be useful, we provide a text field for you to elaborate.  And indicate if you are willing to self-perform repairs or not, this can generate additional income. 

    • Real estate license
    • Self-perform repairs
    • Additional licenses / certifications



    Before submitting any proposal, we require you to consent to the Terms of Service.  Because real estate laws are regional, it is important you understand your limitations for performing any services with or without a real estate license.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    When submitting a proposal

    Why do I have to submit a proposal through Burbz?

    We’re happy to provide our Co-Managers with free leads.  However, the trade off is submitting your proposal through Burbz and utilizing our platform for your services.  Burbz only generates revenue from co-managed units, therefore it is important for Burbz and our co-managers that everybody utilizes our platform for co-managing so we can continue to market co-management and offer free leads to you.

    How many proposals can I submit?

    One per proposal.  And they must be hyperlocal, meaning no across town or outside of town.

    How do I know the landlord received it?

    You will receive a confirmation email once it has been sent to the landlord.  We do not guarantee or promise the landlord will review any proposal.

    When do I find out if I am considered?

    The landlord has the freedom to initate contact with any co-managers they are interested in pursuing interviews and negotiations with.  If you never hear back, that means they either were not interested in your proposal or did not hire any co-manager.

    My business has their own proposal format, can I submit that instead?

    No.  First, co-managers can only be individuals and not businesses.  Second, we required every proposal to be the same format, which helps the landlord as well.

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