How To:

Remove Co-Manager from Property

As needed, remove a co-manager from an assigned property.  The co-manager will remain on your My Team.  Removing a co-manager will end their access to that property’s data.

Access Your Account / Property


Start by:

Login to your account.

  • Property Level


  • Click My Properties to view all your properties.  Click the property you wish to delete them from.
  • Click the Manager tab near the top

Remove Co-Manager

Once on the Manager tab, landlords remove the currently assigned co-manager by clicking Unassign.  Note:  This will prevent the co-manager from accessing this property’s data moving forward.

Payments will cease

Any programmed auto-payments for this property will come to an end.  It is important to make any last payments before unassigning.

Note:  While the co-manager will no longer have access to this property’s data, on their account the co-manager will still see all of their earnings transactions for their own records.  It is only available on their Portfolio/Account level of accounting.


Frequently Asked Questions

When removing Co-Manager from a property

Can I remove a co-manager from a single unit but keep on the multifamily property?

No.  Co-Managers are assigned on the property level, therefore the co-manager either has access to every unit or none on a multifamily property.

Will the co-manager be notified?

Yes.  All parties will receive a notification stating the change in status.

Will the Management Terms be effected if they manage other propeties?

No.  Management Terms are set at the Portfolio-level.  As long as the co-manager remains on My Team, the terms will remain available.

What data will I lose?

None.  Property data always remains with the landlord.  The co-manager will lose access to the property’s data, except for any transactions involving the co-manager.

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