How To:

Remove Co-Manager from My Team

As needed, remove a co-manager from My Team.  All properties the co-manager is assigned to will be removed.  After removal, the co-manager will not be eligible to co-manage any property.

Access Your Account / My Team


Start by:

Login to your account.

  • My Team

My Team

  • Click My Team

Remove Co-Manager

For the co-manager you want to remove, click on the options button on the far right.  Click Remove.

Confirm removal

Have a change of mind?  Don’t worry.  Before officially removing the co-manager, there is a confirmation modal.  If you are certain on the removal, click Remove.

Payments will cease

Any programmed auto-payments for every property will come to an end.  It is important to make any last payments before unassigning.

Note:  While the co-manager will no longer have access to this property’s data, on their account the co-manager will still see all of their earnings transactions for their own records.  It is only available on their Portfolio/Account level of accounting.


Frequently Asked Questions

When removing a Co-Manager from My Team

I only want to remove them from a single property.

Use this set of instructions instead:  How to remove a co-manager from a property.

Will the co-manager be notified?

Yes.  All parties will receive a notification stating the change in status.

What data will I lose?

None.  Property data always remains with the landlord.  The co-manager will lose access to the property’s data, except for any transactions involving the co-manager.

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