How To:

Pay Co-Managers

With your co-manager onboard and providing services, it is important to pay them!  This guide will show how to pay co-managers manually or, even better, set up auto-payments.  All payments will be recorded on in your accounting as well.

Access Your Account / My Team 


Start by:

Login to your account.

  • My Team

My Team

  • Click My Team in the side bar
  • Click Options on the right side of the form, same row as the co-manager.
  • Click Agreement.


  • Click My Properties to view all your properties.  Click the property you wish to add them to.
  • Click the Manager tab near the top.
  • View the terms.  You cannot edit on this page.

Enter payment fields

A modal will appear stating ‘Payment’ at the top.

  • ACH or Card:  Determine which payment method you prefer.  Credit and debit cards do have 2.75% charge.
  • Amount:  Enter the amount you wish to pay your co-manager.
  • Payment Type:  Co-Managers can provide several services.  Select if this is Management Fees, Reimbursement, Leasing Fees, etc.
  • Payment Made To:  Select the Co-Manager from your list of My Team.
  • Property:  Select the property you want the transaction to record to.  All this information will be added to view on Portfolio and Property level.  Note:  If property is a multifamily, a Unit field will appear.  Select unit.

Co-Managers must be set up

For a co-manager to receive any form of payments, they must have their bank connected.  This is very important.  It is not advised to handle payments off-Burbz.  And it is never advised to have a co-manager collect and hold any rent or payments from tenants.

Frequently Asked Questions

When paying a co-manager

Can I make a one-time payment to a Co-Manager?

Yes.  Follow the instructions on the page above.

Will there be a transaction recorded?

Yes, as long as that payment occurred on the Burbz platform.  Otherwise all off-Burbz transactions will have to be manually added.

Is auto-payment a requirement?

Not currently.  We definitely encourage it though to simplify your life.

Are payments free?

Yes, for ACH payments.  There is a 2.75% charge with any card payments.

Interested in getting co-management proposals?

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Request proposals.  Interview. Hire. Co-Manage.

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