How To:

Request screening reports.

A guide to start requesting tenant screening reports through Burbz.  The entire process requires both landlords and tenants involvement.  Landlords will begin the request and need the applicants email.  Applicants will then be required to fill in their personal information and make payment.

Access Dashboard


Start by:

  • Login to your account.
  • Click Tenant Screening icons on the side menu (left) or icon (right)

    Side Bar


    Start a New Screening:

    • Click the button ‘New Screening
    • This page will show all the previous screening reports ordered
    • This page also shows the status for recent reports

      Enter Applicant Information:

      There are 4 pages of data to fill out.  Each page only contains 3-4 fields. 

      • Applicant email
      • Open Bankruptcy Window, leave at 120 months (max)
      • Determine your policy for bankruptcy

      Enter Landlord Information:

      Co-Managers cannot report orders for landlords to view.  Whomever reviews this report will need to order it.

        Enter Property Information:

        If a property is already created on Burbz, you can select from the drop down.  Or, create a new property.

         Select Property Classication:

        • Subsidized:  Section 8 or government assistance
        • Conventional:  Standard rent

         Accept FCRA.  This is the Fair Credit Report Act that landlords and managers must follow when requesting and reviewing reports.  Reports cannot be shared with another individual without the applicants permission.

        Read RentPrep and Transuinon agreements for additional information.

          Decide who pays.

          Burbz allows landlords and managers to determine if the applicant or landlord/manager pays.

          If you desire to pay, click the button.  Fill out the card information.

          All done!  Tenants finish their part.

          After submitting the forms, the applicant will receive an email.  Applicants will need to enter their personal information to complete the reports.

          When applicants enter their information, a final report will be generate.  Landlords will receive an email notification.

          Return to the Tenant Screening dashboard.  On the table you will see the latest report.  Click ‘download‘.


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