How To:

Pay Rent

Pay rent online and even set auto-payments to avoid any late fees!  These simple steps will get you all set up.  This will include manual and automatic payments.  As well as other payment types: pet rent, security deposits, late fees, etc.

Access Your Account


Start by:

Login to your account.  Pre-requisite:  Your bank must be connected to make any payments online.

  • Dashboard
  • Rent


Main Dashboard

  • Login.  First page loaded.
  • Click Pay Rent


  • Click Rent to view all details about your rent and lease.
  • Click Pay Rent

Payment details

A modal will appear stating ‘Payment’ at the top.

  • ACH or Card:  Determine which payment method you prefer.  Credit and debit cards do have 2.75% charge.  You will need to add credit card details if selected.
  • Amount:  Enter the amount you wish to pay
  • Payment Type:  This can be rent, rent + late fees, rent + pet rent, security deposits & more.

Setup or Disable Autopayments

On the Payment modal, click Setup Auto-Pay at the bottom.  A new module will appear asking to Enable or Disable.

Note: Rent Due Date field is auto-populated based on your lease terms.   Bank Withdrawal Date is 3 days prior to Due Date to account for the standard ACH transaction period.  This will prevent late fees.

If you need to disable, you have two choices.  Click the Auto-Pay Rent toggle on the front page.  Or, re-open the Payment modal and click Disable Auto-Pay.  You will need to confirm enabling and disabling.

Confirm bank and auto-pay status.

On your front page, near the bottom is a Banking section.  Here you can confirm the status of your bank, hopefully connected, as well as Auto-Pay Rent.  In the event you need to turn off auto-pay, you can easily click the button.

Frequently Asked Questions

When paying rent or other items on Burbz

Is it free?

For ACH, it is free.  For card payments, there is a 2.75% charge.

Why pay by card?

Card payments process faster.  Therefore, if time is of the urgency that payment is processed immediately to the landlords account.  Otherwise, standard ACH takes 4-7 days to process. 

Residents typically consider card payments for move-in fees to quickly reserve their spot, to avoid late fees or other penalties.  Or, some like to accrue credit card points and build their credit.

Can I make ther non-rent payments?

Yes.  Residents can pay their security deposits, pet deposits, late fees and even reimbursables if the resident is responsible for that cost.

Can I track previous payments?

Yes.  Click Rent on the main side menu.  Then click Payment to view a history of all your payments made through Burbz.

Why does ACH take 4-7 days?

To keep it simple, ACH requires a longer transition period to assure the sender has enough money in their accounts.  While payments are sent and received in a single day, banks prefer to hold onto that payment for several days to avoid any overdrafts of insufficient funds.

Does my money sit in Burbz account during ACH?

No.  Burbz utilizes Stripe as a payment processing partner.  Technically, Burbz never touches your money during any point of the process.  We are simply the display / messenger platform.

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