How To:

Add Co-Manager to Property

Start co-managing with a hyperlocal co-manager today.  After adding a co-manager to My Team, you can now officially assign them to a property.  Once assigned, co-managers can view all of that property’s data.

Access Your Account / Property


Start by:

Login to your account.

  • Property Level


  • Click My Properties to view all your properties.  Click the property you wish to add them to.
  • Click the Manager tab near the top

Select and invite Co-Manager

Once on the Manager tab, landlords can select from a list of their current My Team.  Note:  If your co-manager is not yet added to My Team, you will first need to add them.

After selecting from the drop down, click Add.

Notifying all parties

After clicking Add previously, an email notification will be sent to the Co-Manager and Landlord.  We send an email notification to the landlord to assure they intended to assign the co-manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

When adding a Co-Manager to a property.

Do I have to assign a co-manager to every unit of a multifamily?

No.  You assign co-managers to the entire multifamily property.  After being assigned, they can access that property and its units.

Do I have to assign a Co-Manager to every property?

Nope.  We empower landlords to decide which properties they need assistance in co-management.  There are landlords who only self-manage, only hire co-managers or have a combination.

Can I assign multiple properties to a co-manager at the same time?

Unfortunately, no.  You must repeat the process for every property

Co-Manager nor I received the email notification, why?

Change your junk mail.

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