How To:

Add a Property.

A guide to adding your first property to your portfolio on Burbz.  Adding a property allows rent collection, tracking income / expense and maintenance tracking.  Create single family or multi-family units.  Your co-manager can also create and assign the property to landlords.

Access Dashboard


Start by:

  • Login to your account.
  • Two different areas to start adding properties
    • Main Dashboard
    • My Properties

    Main Dashboard

    • Quick links.  Right-side of dashboard
    • Add First.  Bottom of dashboard, until 1st property is added
    • Side menu, click My Properties
    • There are 3 options on the main dashboard

    My Properties tab

    • Click ‘Add Property’ in middle of screen, box only appears if no properties are created.
    • Click ‘Add Property’ button at top right.

    If Multi-Family property:

    While most of the process is the same, there are a few different steps.  In particular, the first couple of steps.  This is a 2-step process but still quick and easy.

    • Create ‘Property
    • Create ‘Units

     After creating the property, you may create as many units as needed.  You can duplicate units as well.

    Create Multifamily Property

    • Form adjusts if type is multifamily
    • Enter address
    • Click ‘Create Property’

      Add Units

      • Click ‘Add Units
      • Fill out remaining forms for each unit
      • Duplicate units by clicking the 3-dots on the ‘unit card’

      Enter Property Detail:

      There are 6 forms to fill out.  Scroll through images to see.


      • Address: Nickname and Type
      • Details: beds, bath, square footage
      • Features: HVAC, parking, pool, etc.
      • Rental Info: rent amount, pet policies, Section 8, etc.
      • Tenant Responsibilities: utilities, taxes, landscaping
      • Photos

        Frequently Asked Questions

        When setting up new properties and units on Burbz.

        How many properties can I create?

        Unlimited amount.  If you have more than 10 properties and would like help, please contact us requesting ‘setup assistance’. 

        Will this syndicate on popular listing websites?

        In the future, yes.  Currently we need to increase our overall user portfolio before Zillow and Facebook Marketplace allow.

        Currently, not available.  But this setup now will work in the future.

        How do Iedit a property / unit?

        Under My Properties, click the 3-dots on the specific property card.  Select edit.

        This opens the same forms you originally used to create the property.

        Can I duplicate properties / units?

        Yes!  On the property/unit card, click the 3-dots which opens a drop down menu.  Select duplicate.

        You will need to change the ‘Nickname’ and ‘Address’ for the property.

        Does a property / unit need photos?

        Not currently.  Once our listing syndication is live, those photos will be shared on the partner sites (i.e. Zillow/Facebook).  Until then, not needed.

        What is the difference between Unit Availability and Availability Date?

        Unit Availability = current tenants move out.

        Availability Date = earliest next tenants can move in.

        Sometimes properties/units have a period for renovations / rehab between tenants.

        What is the difference between Rent Amount and Lease Amount?

        Rent Amount = advertised amount on listing.

        Lease Amount = actual monthly rent amount the tenant will pay on Burbz.

        Landlords might list a property for $1,500 (rent amount) but sign a lease for $1,450 (lease amount).  This is only important when your property is actively listed.

        Will this information be tied to the lease?

        No!  This information is only for ‘listing’ purposes.  Your lease agreement may have different terms/dates.  Properties on Burbz are not legally bounded.

        What if I have a multi-family property?

        Multifamily properties work slightly different but overall the same.  In general, there is another layer added.

        You can add units to your property.  To access individual units, you must process through the property profile first.

        Are rent payments for multifamily tracked on the unit or property level?

        Both!  Property level will show all the units data compiled in a single location.  Or, you can view specific units on the ‘unit level’ by click on that units profile.

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