How To:

Add or Update Property Listing

Every property profile on Burbz automatically generates a public listing page.  This allows landlords and co-managers to share that page on other listing sites.  These listings share about the property as well as the lease requirements for any interested applicants.

Access Your Account / Property


Start by:

Login to your account.

  • Property Level
  • Unit Level


  • Click My Properties to view all your properties.  Click the property you wish to upload to.
  • Click Listing.  Which is the first page loaded.


  • Click My Properties to view all your properties.  Click the multifamily property you wish to upload to.
  • When inside the multifamily property, click the unit you wish to advertise.
  • When inside a Unit Profile, click Listing along the tabs near the top

Write your listing info

Time to brag about your rental property.  Create an intriguing title.  Then write a few paragraphs about the rental.  The more information the better, helping provide potential applicants a better idea of the property.


Determine your requirements and contact

On the right hand side of the screen, these options allow you to quickly determine factors for the listing page.  If you require credit checks and background reports. 

Decide if you want to share your contact information.  The owners or the co-managers.


Edit and update Property details

There are several items from your Property Details that are automatically added to your listing.  You may consider updating items, such as:

  • Rent Amount
  • Unit Availability
  • Photos
  • Tenant Responsibilities

Have your Co-Manager assist!

Co-Managers assigned to a property will have access and capabilities to update the Property Detail and Rental Listing.  Ask your co-manager to provide updated photos, rents or even description if the area has recently improved with amenities.

Frequently Asked Questions

When adding a rental listing

What should I exclude in my rental listing?

Definitely anything that discriminates against the 6 protect classes:  race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability and familial status.

Also, it is best to always share the truth about the condition and photos.  This can save you time from prospects immediately leaving a showing when they realized they were catfished.

What should I include n my rental listing?

Anything that can help validate and sell your asking rent prices.  Consider talking points:

  • Recent updates
  • Main features of the home
  • Amenities
  • Nearby entertainment / stores / restaurants
  • Lease duration
  • Pet policy
How do I update the photos?

Photos are updated from the Property Details.  See instructions above.  But real quick, click Edit Property and then Photos.

Can I share my listing on social sites?

Yes, it is encouraged!  If you create a listing on Facebook Marketplace or Zillow, consider adding a link to your Burbz property listing as well so the prospects know which platform you will perform screenings and rent collection on.

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