How To:

Add Income / Expense Items

Utilize Burbz free accounting feature to track all real estate oriented transactions both on Burbz and off!  This guide was show how to manually a new item.  Or, have your Co-Manager assist by inputting items.

Any transactions that occur on Burbz platform is automatically added.  Saving you time and helping keep your Profits & Loss accounting up to date!


Access Your Account / Property


Start by:

Login to your account.

  • Side Bar
  • Property Level
  • Unit Level


  • When inside a Property Profile, click Accounting along the tabs near the top.
  • This opens your ‘property’ level of accounting.


  • When inside a Unit Profile (of a multifamily property), click Income along the tabs near the top.
  • This opens your ‘unit’ level of accounting.

Add New Item

Once inside the Rent Collection / Income form, click on Add Item near the upper right.  This will open up a modal for you to submit more information.

Depending on the level (portfolio, property, unit), you will be required to fill out the form.  Including:

  •  Date
  • Select Property
    • Select Unit, if multifamily
  • Scope
  • Amount

Have your Co-Manager assist!

Co-Managers assigned to a property will have access and capabilities to add income or expense adds for you.  This is extremely useful whenever a contractor performs work or material had to be purchased at a store. 

You can also reimburse your Co-Manager on Burbz.


Frequently Asked Questions

When adding income / expense items

Why do I have to manually insert an item?

Burbz only automatically records transactions that occur on our platform.  Therefore, anything that occurs offline will need to be manually added if you want to utilize Burbz as your main accounting tool.  These could include paying contractors, materials, additional income or utilities.

What's the difference between Portfolio vs. Property vs. Unit levels?

Our accounting system is created to allow landlords and co-managers to view or isolate accounting as needed.  Portfolio level allows landlords to see every property on Burbz.  Property and Unit level are filtered to only show transactions associated to that specific property/unit.

Will my Co-Manager see all my portfolio accounting or select properties?

Co-Managers only see the data from properties they have been assigned to.  Therefore, if your co-manager has only been assigned to half your properties they will only see that half.

Co-Managers also have their own unique ‘portfolio’ of clients.  Their portfolio level contains data from all their landlord clients.  But they can also filter by landlord or go to the specific properties.

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