How To:

Add Documents to Property

Burbz allows landlords and co-managers to save important documents to their specific Properties or Units.  Allowing both parties to share documents for each other.

Consider uploading leases, inspection reports, receipts, and more.


Access Your Account / Property


Start by:

Login to your account.

  • Property Level
  • Unit Level


  • Click My Properties to view all your properties.  Click the property you wish to upload to.
  • Click Upload Document and select the file.


  • Click My Properties to view all your properties.  Click the multifamily property you wish to upload to.
  • When inside the multifamily property, click the unit you wish to upload to.  Or, upload a general property file.  See step for similar action.
  • When inside a Unit Profile, click Documents along the tabs near the top.
  • Click Upload Document and select the file.

Add Document to profile

When inside a Property Profile, click Documents along the tabs near the top.

If you want to upload a file to the general property of a multifamily unit, you can still do so.  Note: if it’s for a specific unit, select the unit.

Click Select Document and select your file.  Click Upload Document.  Note: you might have to refresh the page for the list to update.


Have your Co-Manager assist!

Co-Managers assigned to a property will have access and capabilities to upload documents for you.  This is a great tool in co-management that helps keep the landlords involved.  Provides full transparency for reports, invoices, photos, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

When uploading a document to a Property

Any limits to what we can upload?

You can upload documents up to 100kb in size.

Do photos go in Documents or in the Property Details?

Depends.  Photos in Property Details (said differently, the setup process) are used for advertising.  Photos in Documents will only be available to the Landlord and any co-manager assigned.  Typical photos in Documents are from inspections.

Who has access to these documents once uploaded?

Landlord and any assigned Co-Manager.  If the Co-Manager is removed, they will no longer have access.

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