Protect Your Belongings.
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Affordable renters insurance, starting at $8 per month.

Start protecting your personal belongings and liability today with affordable renters insurance.  The process is simple to request a quote.

How much does renters insurance cost?

Plans start as low as $8 per month!  The more value you own, the more coverage you will want.  The coverage amount can increase prices.

Do I need renters insurance?

Often, landlords require renters insurance in the lease agreement. Before moving into a rental unit, a landlord or co-manager can request Proof of Insurance.

Even when a lease agreement does not require insurance, it is highly encouraged to be insured.  This protects your personal belongings in the event of a scenario.

What does my Renters Insurance cover?

Renters insurance specifically protects the renter and their belongings.  Such as clothes and furniture, and even yourself from unexpected damages and injuries. Considered a great and affordable insurance solution for the value it provides.

Personal Belongings

Covered against theft, loss, and most forms of destruction.  Extended to your belongings in your car or with you on the go.


Renter’s insurance can cover you in the event you hurt someone or damaged their property.  Covering you against lawsuits.

Medical Costs

Things happen. Even inside your own home. Renter’s insurance can cover reasonable medical expenses if someone is hurt on your property.

Renters insurance:

Protect your personal belongings.

Protect your valuable assets such as TV, computers, entertainment systems, and other personal belongings. 

Burbz partners with SURE to provide residents the most affordable renters insurance policies.