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Maintenance requests & systems

Should I follow up with my landlord/co-manager after submitting a ticket?

It never hurts. Both landlords and co-managers will receive an email notification. However, if it is more urgent, then we encourage you to reach out as well.  Still submit a maintenance request for records.

How many tickets can I submit?

Unlimited. If there are multiple issues, consider creating separate tickets. This allows all parties to properly track the status of each issue.

Am I notified of status changes?

Yes.  When the landlord or co-manager adjusts the status, you will receive an email notification.

Online rent payments & other payments

Can I pay by credit or debit card?

Yes. We do charge a 2.75% card fee for every transaction. Card payments are processed instantly and allow residents to avoid late payments if completed with enough time before the due date.

How long does it take for my rent payment to process?

Standard ACH processes take 4-7 days from payer to payee.

What other payment types does Burbz handle?

We allow residents to pay their security deposits, pet deposits, pet rent, late fees, and miscellaneous payments to the landlord if needed.

Does paying rent on Burbz help build my credit?

Not currently.

Is direct deposit (ACH) fee or cost me?

It is free to the residents.

Does Burbz keep a record of my past transactions?

Yes. Any payments made through Burbz will automatically be recorded. Residents can view their history on their dashboard.

Renters insurance:

Protect your personal belongings.

Protect your valuable assets such as TV, computers, entertainment systems, and other personal belongings. 

Burbz partners with SURE to provide residents the most affordable renters insurance policies.