Allow us to answer questions about our proposal process when landlords seek co-managers.

Submitting a Proposal Request

Is it required to submit a proposal?

Not necessarily.  Landlords that already have a co-manager in mind may invite that individual directly on their dashboard.

Our Proposal Request process is ideal for landlords seeking any interested co-manager from our marketplace. 

How much does it cost?

Zero. Zip. Nada!

What information do I submit?

We encouarge landlords to fill out as much as possible.  The better you detail the work, the better proposals you can receive.  We ask for the following:

  • About you
    • Contact info.  It is not shared!
    • Ownership status
    • Services you are seeking
  • Portfolio details
    • Quantity of units
    • Major cross raods
    • Expected average rent
    • City, State and Zip
    • Occupant status
    • Section 8 status
    • And when you expect the current lease to expire
  • Co-Management tasks in more details:
    • Leasing
    • Rent Collection
    • Maintenance Coordination
  • Co-Manager preferences
    • Important traits
    • Due Date for proposals
  • Feedback for Burbz
How long does it take?

We suggest you set aside 3-5 mins for this proposal.

How many proposals should I submit?

Ideally one per co-manager you need. 

For example, if you want the same individual to help manage all your units then only one is needed.  If you have properties on each side of a large city and want somebody local, you would create a Proposal Request for each ‘portfolio of units’ that a co-manager would help with.

Why do you need my contact info?

Your contact information is not shared with co-managers.  We ask for it so our Customer Success team can contact you to help, if needed.

After submitting my Proposal Request

What happens next?

Your Proposal Request is sent out to our marketplace of Co-Managers in the region of your rental.  Any interested Co-Manager can then review it.

As well, your Proposal Request has a mini-public page created.  Allowing co-managers to search for all active proposal requests in their area.  Don’t worry, your personal information is not listed.

When will I get proposals?

This ranges on several elements.  Your market, how many co-managers are active there and the quality of lead.  Landlords can start to receive proposals within the hour, or their first might take a few days.  Burbz does not control co-managers submitting proposals as they all have their own power to decide.

How do I receive proposals?

Through the email you list on the Proposal Request.  From Burbz.

Interviewing co-managers

Am I hiring this person or Burbz?

Co-Managers are independent contractors.  They work for themselves but assist landlords, using Burbz platform.

Is requirements or limitations when interviewing?

No.  Landlords are completely free to interview however many co-managers they wish.  Here are blogs we wrote to give tips:

For obvious reasons, landlords should discriminate against any co-managers based on age, sex, race, sexuality or disability.

What questions should I ask in my interviews?
Do I have to hire one of the co-managers?

No.  There is no obligation when you interview or even request proposals.  We hope there is a co-manager in your region to work with.  But our goal is always helping landlords be more successful, therefore if you did not find a co-manager you like there is no obligation.

Interested in getting co-management proposals?

Request proposals.
Interview. Hire. Co-Manage.

Request proposals.  Interview. Hire. Co-Manage.

Start today by filling out our Request For Proposal form.  Describe the services you seek assistance with.  The first step to managing differently and in control.