Co-Management Proposals


Receive and review proposals from interested Co-Managers.

Meet the person

Know exactly who will be managing your rental property.  Never be passed from a sales person to a poor performing manager.  Burbz encourages a direct relationship with whomever will be co-managing.

Clear Rates and Bonuses

Nothing to hide.  Rates are shown upfront before you even make an intro call.  Every Co-Manager will provide their own proposed rates.  All rates are negotiated between landlords and co-managers.

Vacancy and Leasing Details

Max Vacancy Budget / Bonus

What makes Burbz unqiue is our vacancy / leasing method.  Landlords see proposed vacancy budgets by Co-Managers.  Since vacancy/leasing budgets are amortized, see the max monthly payouts with zero vacancy.

Vacancy Breakdown

Co-Managers have an incentive to minimize vacancy.  See their potential earnings when vacancy adds up.

Bio, Experience and Situational

Learn About Their Experience

Co-Managers can share their experience co-managing.  Whether it is on Burbz or even their own rental properties.

Situational Questions

Co-Managers explain how they handle important scenarios when co-managing your rental property.  It is important to know their plan.

Self-Performing Maintenance

Landlords get frustrated with excessive maintenance expenses from property managers.  On Burbz, utilize Co-Managers who are capable of self-performing and are customer-centric to save money.

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