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Co-Managers are hyperlocal individuals that are willing to help landlords.

Co-Managers create a public profile so landlords can discover more about their management style and preferences.  Search for co-managers that are hyperlocal to your rentals location.

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Co-Managers create their own profiles and information about co-management services they offer..  Start your search on the state level and narrow down to city or zip code.

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Co-Managers work as independent contractors.  All have different skills and services.  Therefore, Burbz allows these individuals to brag about themselves.  Landlords can reach out to any co-managers.

Or, review profiles from co-management proposals they receive.


Quick introduction to who they are.  What their interests in co-management are.  And anything else they want to share.


Everybody has their own unique style for managing.  Co-Managers explain how they handle issues and communication.


Leasing, Rent Collection and Maintenance.  Co-Managers pick what services they offer and share any special skills.

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