Hey everyone!  Welcome to the latest product release report from Burbz.

Why do we share these releases?  We are committed to our core values: transparency, control and flexibility.  These product reports provide our users with transparency about exciting new products and where we continue to strive to improve.

How co-management and co-access works

CO-MANAGEMENT |  The start of landlord-friendly property management

Yes!  Our initial effort to radically improve property management to be more landlord-friendly.  Our platform is the first to enable co-management between a landlord and a co-manager of their choosing.

How does this benefit landlords?  This puts the landlord in the ultimate control of owning property data.  Regardless what eventually happens between a landlord and co-manager, when a co-manager is unassigned from the property, all the data remains with the landlord.

Most importantly, this creates a smoother transition for any tenants during a management transition.  Tenants continue to pay into Burbz platform.


Pay your co-managers

Whomever manages your rental, whether they’re a co-manager, real estate agent or property manager, will eventually need to be paid.  We handle this in two different ways:

  • Automatic deductions.
  • Manual payments

If you wish to tie management fees to rent payments, you may enter the management earning terms on the platform.  Now, whenever rent is paid there will be an automatic reallocation to the managers bank account.  As well as a record entered on your property’s bookkeeping.

For manual payments, we allow you to send one-time payments directly to the managers bank account.  During this process, you may select the scope of that payment.  Once paid, Burbz automatically enters an expense to the property’s bookkeeping.

Rent Email Reminders

Our goal is always helping every user type on our platform.  Tenants included.

Burbz will send emails to tenants with important reminders so they are aware, without your constant effort to remind them.

These reminders are sent the day before, day of, and day after rent is due.  As their late rent day approaches, we send them two last reminders:  day before and day that rent is considered late.

These reminder efforts are another way Burbz helps you automate and optimize tasks in your rental’s management.

Auto-Payments for Rent

Let’s face it, today’s world wants automation!  So we created a automatic payments for your tenants rent.

Based on the terms you’ve entered, their rent payments will be automatically deducted and sent to your bank account.

On your property profile, we even indicate a tenant’s auto-payment is activated with a small icon next to their name.  This provides more certainty and reduces your stress wondering if/when rent will be paid.

What’s upcoming?

We strive for continual progress and improvements.  Not simply on our platform and software, but in property management services in general.

As we look forward to an exciting 2022, we are committed to bringing a mobile application.  Starting with the tenant and then with landlord/managers.  

As well, we will continue to ask for feedback from our users and improve the user experience and features that you need.

Welcome, to the Burbz.