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Free landlord software

Features with additional charge

Landlord rental software

Landlords may choose to pay for

Burbz Rent Estimates - $19.99

Don’t have the time to analyze comps or research the market? A Burbz Rent Estimate uses analytics to provide powerful rental estimates so you can maximize your profits while remaining competitive.  Learn more

Quick Payout - $2.99

Access your rent check faster!  For $2.99 per unit, rent payments made with direct deposit will clear into your checking account in 3 business days.  Standard process is 6-7 days.

Legal Docs - Varies

Purchase a legal document tailored specifically for your need and state.  Prices vary depending on document needed.

Renters can pay rent online

Tenants pay for

Screening Reports - $38.99

Combined background checks and credit reports, landlords request screening reports from applicants and the applicant pays.  Learn more

Card Payments - 2.75%

Tenants may choose to pay with a credit or debit card; there’s a 2.75% service fee.  Card payments do process same-day and help the tenant avoid late fees or make faster payments.  Tenants who pay with direct deposit from their bank account have no cost because it’s free!

Co-Management Charges

Only applicable when Landlord is using a Co-Manager on Burbz.  If self-managing without Co-Manager, Burbz is free.

$10 / Rent Payment


Co-Manager fees

Burbz charges per unit as a flat rate.  This payment provides:

  • Access to platform
  • Automatic Co-Manager payment distributions

As a transparent company, Burbz only charges on ‘rent payment’ transactions.  To avoid unfairness or hidden agendas, Burbz intentionally avoids percentage based service fees.

All Co-Manager fees are negotiated between Landlord and Co-Managers.  These fees are distributed once rent has been paid.

Burbz only keeps the $10 stated.

If you are a vendor or real estate professional, you can learn more about our pricing.

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