What's better than free? Burbz!

Features with additional charge

Landlords may choose to pay for

Burbz Rent Estimates - $19.99

Don’t have the time to analyze comps or research the market? A Burbz Rent Estimate uses analytics to provide powerful rental estimates so you can maximize your profits while remaining competitive.  Learn more

Quick Payout - $2.99

Access your rent check faster!  For $2.99 per unit, rent payments made with direct deposit will clear into your checking account in 3 business days.  Standard process is 6-7 days.

Tenants pay for

Screening Reports - $34.99

Combined background checks and credit reports, landlords request screening reports from applicants and the applicant pays.  Learn more

Card Payments - 2.75%

Tenants may choose to pay with a credit or debit card; there’s a 2.75% service fee.  Card payments do process same-day and help the tenant avoid late fees or make faster payments.  Tenants who pay with direct deposit from their bank account have no cost because it’s free!

If you are a vendor or real estate professional, you can learn more about our pricing.  Learn more