Getting into the real estate business is an exciting prospect for new investors. It is undoubtedly one of the most dependable investments around. Like all other businesses, it has its pros and cons, but it is one of the oldest trades in the world today. As such, there are always new investors with tons of questions that can be answered by some of the best real estate podcasts.

The first question that new investors would generally like to be answered is, “Where do I start?”

There are so many options to choose from for them. They may do some research on their own through resources available on the internet and books. However, this is mostly theoretical and statistical content, which as a new investor, may leave you with more questions.

This is where the experiences of other people become very useful. Podcasts are a way for people to share their experiences in a relatable manner. It is very likely that somebody else was in your situation, and they shared their experience about it in a podcast. Listening to these best real estate podcasts may just help answer your questions.


12 Best Real Estate Podcasts for New Investors (and Seasoned Pros!)

Here’s the list of our top 12 real estate podcasts that should answer questions no matter your experience level!


Spouses Flipping Houses

This podcast is for you if you are getting into the real estate business with your significant other or other close friend. The makers of this podcast, Doug and Andrea Van Soest, have sold over 200 houses in around 10 years. They have recorded their experiences in detail and have provided insightful pieces of advice on how to find the right properties to buy and then sell at a profit. You are sure to love this couple’s fun dynamic! Click here for their podcast.


Best Ever Real Estate Investing Advice

The name of this show might sound a bit over-confident at first, but when you get to know about its maker, Joe Fairless, you will agree with it. With over $265,000,000 worth of real estate property under his belt and regular features of similar famous and successful investors, this podcast might just be the inspiration you need.  Click here for their podcast.


Epic Real Estate Investing

In this podcast, Matt Theriault shares new, creative, and conventional investing techniques related to real estate investing. Matt believes everyone should be involved in real estate business in some way. This show also does a great job to show new investors how their experiences in other industries can be applied to real estate. Whether you have only flipped burgers or have closed multi-million dollar deals, you can use that knowledge somewhere in the real estate world. Click here for their podcast.


Cashflow Diary

This is one of the best real estate podcasts that is run by a successful real estate investor himself, J. Massey. Massey has completed over 100 transactions in the last 3 years and has over 10 years of real estate industry experience in multiple roles. He is particularly known for getting through difficult deals. Therefore, this program can be helpful for both new and old investors facing a tough situation. Click here for their podcast.



You probably have already heard of BiggerPockets if you’ve done any research on real estate. This podcast can be referred to as the most influential and widely known real estate investing program. Hosts Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner have a peculiar way of getting their opinion across to their listeners. They usually keep a light, fun tone during their recordings, even when discussing complex situations. They have over 30 years of experience between them in the field, and you should listen to their wisdom intently. Click here for their podcast.


Flipping Junkie

If all you want to do in real estate business is flipping houses, then this is the right podcast for you. Spouses Danny and Melissa Johnson have been doing it for a long time and regularly invite other investors who do it as well. They will walk you through common pitfalls and incredible success stories so that you can hit the ground running. Click here for their podcast.


Afford Anything

As the name suggests, this podcast does not focus solely on real estate investment. It is generally for those who want to keep a check on their expenses against their income. Real estate is also discussed in detail, so this is a really comprehensive show for budget-conscious investors. In fact, all of us should be listening to it instead of sticking to just real estate programs. Click here for their podcast.


Think Realty Radio

Host Abhi Golhar discusses everything related to real estate investment in this podcast. From designing and maintenance to financing, this show caters to real estate investors of all levels. Click here for their podcast.


Cashflow Guys

In this show, created by successful real estate investor Tyler Sheff and his peers, they discuss everything related to real estate investment. It is mostly centered on flipping and financing properties, so keep that in mind. You will certainly learn the keys to building a real estate empire if you follow their advice intently. Click here for their podcast.


Apartment Building Investing with Michael Blank

This podcast is focused on multifamily real estate properties (big surprise!). If you are looking to invest in multifamily properties, then host Michael Blank will make sure you know everything there is to know about it. Commercial investing is very different than single-family homes and duplexes. You will love Michael’s insight into being profitable and avoiding common mistakes that come with apartment buildings. Click here for their podcast.



Although RentPrep primarily sells tenant screening reports, this podcast covers a variety of real estate topics mostly targeting landlords.  You can learn about self-managing vs. hiring a property manager, different renting options and other useful strategies for landlords and tenants. Click here for their podcast.

Rental Rookie

This real estate show by spouses Kirk and Emily is dedicated to real estate investors who want to focus on rental properties only. They share their experiences and knowledge in a very simple and fun way. You can go to their site – – to get courses and learn about their Facebook group. Click here for their podcast.


What to do after finding the best real estate podcast?

Once you listen to these top real estate podcasts, you need to take action! Buy property and start your journey.

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