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Types of Customers

At Burbz, we work with all involved parties in real estate investments. By marketing your services on our marketplace, you can connect with:



Property Managers

Process of generating leads

Marketing can be a long process with many dead ends. We make it easy to win more business with our free leads. The Burbz Maketplace makes it easy to:

Step 1 

Search Leads

Step 2 

Submit Proposals

Step 3


Step 4

Close Deals


Our clients are constantly looking for help with their properties. Common requests cover areas such as:

HVAC /  Plumbing



Lawn Care


Home Inspections


Property Management

Benefits of Burbz lead generation

Proposals are FREE!

There are many competing marketplaces, but Burbz is the only one to allow free proposals. We don’t believe charging for false leads or already-hired leads, so we charge per awarding instead!

Bill through Burbz

Save time and energy when you use Burbz to invoice for work completed. Landlords are connected through Burbz and have options how to pay your bill. Learn more

Recurring Clientele

If your service is recurring, set up recurring payments with Burbz! Make work easier so you can focus your efforts else where.

Simple Scheduling

Communicate with all required parties for scheduling and coordination.Burbz provides useful forms to allow parties to coordinate.

Property manager benefits of Burbz lead generation

Real estate investors are always looking for reliable property managers. We strive to simplify the management process for both landlords and managers. By using Burbz, you can benefit from:

Fair ratings

Traditional ratings come vastly from upset tenants who are upset they were assessed late fees or evicted. You are penalized for doing your job. Only landlords on Burbz can provide ratings since they are your client.

Reduced Marketing Efforts

Never miss a lead and only pay for awardings. Burbz allows you to fit sales into your schedule. Reduce your time chasing leads so you can focus more on managing

Detailed Proposal Requests

Every management firm has different criteria and standards for which properties they will manage. Our Request For Proposals provides all the information you need to quick assess the property and determine your interest.

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