Maintenance Ticketing


Track all maintenance and repairs.


Do-it-youself.  Hire help.


Your choice.





Maintenance Requests

Tenants submit detailed request tickets.  Landlords can review photos.  Always receive a copy, even if you have a team.


Share maintenance ticket with service providers.  Tenant’s provide their preferred time for repairs.

Self Perform

More transparency for landlords.  Allowing you to determine if you want to DIY or hire a service provider.

Pay Vendors

Pay vendors through Burbz.  Expenses are tracked by property/unit.  No more mailing checks or credit cards. (coming soon)


Track Status

View your ticket status on a portfolio level.  Quick glance to inform you the status.  Allow your team to update for you.

Build a team

Add team members for different trades.  Automatically sends an email to your preferred trade vendor. (coming soon)

Transparent Maintenance.

Landlords get frustrated with excessive maintenance from property managers.  Burbz believes landlords should have full control to decide which repairs are necessary.


Landlords have the power to hire vendors or self-perform.  More freedom for landlords to select contractors.   Negotiate pricing.  And avoid excessive repairs that drain profits.


Our future marketplace will allow landlords as easy solution to requesting proposals. 


Everything You Need To Know


Tenant provides a description of the issue.


Preferred dates and times.  Weekdays or weekend.  Morning, afternoon or evening. 


Photos provide more information.  Help you assess the repairs needed in more details.

Tenant Contact

Allow your repair vendor to communicate directly with the tenant.  Tickets have contact information.

Lease Details

Make better decisions when you know lease details.  Deferred maintenance.


Keep a record of your messaging for each repair ticket. (coming soon)

Prefer to self-manage everything?

Burbz offers landlords a free management software

Collect rent online and directly to your bank

Online Rent Collection

Online rent collection has never been this simple! Tenants pay direct to your bank account.  They do not see your personal information. Learn more

Pull Background Reports and Credit Checks on potential tenants

Background Screening

Select the perfect tenants for your unit. Review and screen applicants in an easy to use format.  Find the best candidate. Learn more

Stay on top of maintenance or coordinate with vendors easier

Maintenance Ticketing

Stay organized with the maintenance of your rental. Landlords, managers, tenants, and contractors can all communicate. Track open items. Build your team and delegate tasks by trade. Learn more.

Free landlord software, no monthly contracts or fees

Free?  Yes.


Burbz provides the essential tools that any landlord or manager will need. Free!  This is our commitment to the value of helping landlords. Revenue is generated through non-essential tools.  Learn More.

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