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Providing landlords free landlord software to manage their rental properties online

Benefits for DIY landlords

Although Burbz primary focus is co-management, our ultimate mission is to help landlords with flexible management solutions.  Which includes DIY.

Whether landlords DIY or co-manage, the landlord software is the same.


Built for landlords

As landlords ourselves, we understand the goal to minimize expenses and increase profits.  That is why we offer our management software for free.

Manage from anywhere

Don’t live near your rental property?  No worries!  Our software allows you to manage from anywhere.  If you need local help, consider a co-manager.

Scale your portfolio

Our free rental software allows you to scale with your real estate goals. Whether you invest in single-family or multifamily, our platform helps you manage all assets.

Rental history reports

Burbz offers landlords FREE rental history reports.  Providing you access to public records to review and select the best tenants.

✔    Background Checks

✔    Credit Reports

    Free for landlords

    Collect Rent Online

    Track online rent payments and expenses.  Burbz records every transaction that occurs on our rental freeware.

    ✔    Direct deposit

    ✔    ACH or Credit Cards

        No partial payments

        Income / Expense tracker

    Maintenance tracker

    Our software allows renters and landlords to coordinate maintenance online.  Stay organized.  Track deferred items.

    ✔    Maintenance tickets

    ✔    Easily share with contractors

        Track status

      FAQs:  Landlord Software

      Is it truly free landlord software?

      Yes.  We will not ask for your credit card to operate on Burbz.  This is free landlord software when you self-manage / DIY.

      How does Burbz make money?

      We provide the essential tools every landlord needs free: rent collection and screening reports.  We provide additional tools that we earn revenue from rental estimates, legal documents, accelerate rent payouts, and co-management.

      Burbz does generate revenue from tenant-oriented features: paying rent by credit card, tenant screening reports.

      Why offer a great product for free?!

      As landlords ourselves, it is important that we help our fellow landlords minimize their operating expenses.

      We want to encourage others to invest and become landlords.  Burbz can help by offering great landlord software.  As well as developing a high quality network of co-managers to help landlords.

      Interested in getting co-management proposals?

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      Request proposals.  Interview. Hire. Co-Manage.

      Start today by filling out our Request For Proposal form.  Describe the services you seek assistance with.  The first step to managing differently and in control.