Creating a new category of property management.

Investor insights into Burbz.

Uber for Property Management

Burbz is creating an exciting new gig opportunity called Co-Management.  This new category of property management allows landlords to hire and work with local community members to better manage their rental properties.

Through Burbz, landlords have the ultimate say in their property’s management and enjoy a better management experience.


Property Managers world, landlords just live in it.

Landlords are frustrated dealing with the poor quality of property management.  Unfortunately, all the efforts have gone into helping landlords DIY but not actually improving the quality of management.

Property management firms know this.  It is a quantity based business, which leads to the poor quality.  Landlords that have no other option are left with accepting their fate with property managers.

  • Management Agreements significantly favor the PM
  • Annual contracts
  • Terminate policy requires the landlords pay 100% of the remaining dues.
  • No recourse for vacancies, evictions or late rent
  • No transparency on maintenance and repairs
  • Landlords are not allowed to be involved in decisions


Reward Quality.

Landlords often state they would be willing to pay more for better quality service.  Co-Managers are quality-oriented and build their brands around ratings and reviews.

Co-Managers are in control of their own services and rates.  Better reviews and ratings can justify higher co-management rates for future landlords.

Co-Management is built on rewarding quality.  We believe you can provide better service when properties are closer and you have fewer landlords/unit to manage.  Traditional property managers have 200+ units each; leaving little time dedicated to each rental.  Whereas, co-managers can manage as low as a single unit because they are paid per-unit.

    Favorable to all parties.

    Not much is favorable to landlords with property management firms.

    Co-Management was designed to treat landlords and co-managers favorably.  Creating a healthy ecosystem where both parties can thrive together.  And align financial incentives, creating an Earn-Earn relationship.

    • Month-to-Month contracts
    • Vacancy Bonus, instead of  Leasing Bonus
    • On-Time Rent bonus, instead of Late Fees
    • Free property management software that both share access to


    Co-Managers are our assets

    The future of employment is flexibility and control.  In the past decade, society has come to accept gigs as side hustles or even full-time jobs.

    We believe Co-Managers will be the greatest assets that Burbz has.  Creating a network of Co-Managers that want to build their own brands.  That will help market Burbz because they have an upside for doing so, more leads.

    Co-Managers can be full-time or part-time.  They can be licensed or not licensed; there are tasks that require licensing.  Co-Managers can be realtors, teachers, engineers, students, stay at home parents, etc.

    Training and building the largest network of co-managers will help Burbz become the industry leader for Co-Management.  Better quality co-managers with reviews and ratings from landlords will build trust with the landlord community as the preferred solution to their property management needs.


    Rental Ecosystem

    There are many parties involved with residential rental properties.  Tenants, landlords, co-managers and even vendors.

    Co-Management is the foundation of our ecosystem.  However, Burbz platform intends to expand to improve features and services for all parties within the rental ecosystem.  As a central platform, in the future Burbz can utilize parties’ connected banks, profiles and even user records to improve or create new opportunities.


    Millions of rentals.

    Real estate is viewed as an amazing investment opportunity for investors of all sizes.  From small individuals to large institutional REITs.  Every rental property needs some form of management.

    Currently 33% of US citizens rent, approximately 43.2 million.  See US Census report.  With an estimated 14.5 million single-family homes and 7.6 million small multifamily (2-4 units).  See Statistia for reference.

    Property management for large multifamily properties utilize a different format of property management when compared to smaller residential.  Burbz is targeting the smaller residential properties where a single individual is more than capable of managing, without the team or overhead expenses.


    Kenny Dahill, CEO

    Founder and CEO of Burbz.  Kenny Dahill brings a unique blend of business, experience, and passion to Burbz.  As a landlord, Kenny is leading the effort to ensure Burbz vision of co-management is beneficial to landlords, co-managers, and tenants.

    In residential real estate, Kenny has 5 rental properties.  Having his real estate license in Arizona provides him great insight into real estate laws.  Most importantly, which tasks require a license and which do not.

    Besides real estate, Kenny has experience in SEO marketing to help drive user growth organically.  As well as paid marketing to target markets and audiences.

    Prior to Burbz, Kenny was in commercial real estate working as an institutional developer for industry properties.  His experience with commercial has shaped his mind about co-management incentives.  Having worked on promotes to earn bonuses on success projects, this Earn-Earn partnership in commercial deals were the genesis of co-management.  Finding a way to align financial incentives for all parties.