Manage Together.
Succeed Together.

Co-Management focuses on aligning landlords with local Co-Managers to assist in rental management.

How To Hire Co-Manager

Determine your management scope

Landlords have flexibility and control to determine which specific services they want to outsource. Consider what you prefer to self-perform.  And what you want assistance with.

Request Proposals

Sub a Request For Proposal on Burbz. This sends your request to our co-manager network. Based on scope, budget and rentals, any interested co-manager will submit a proposal through Burbz.  Your contact info is NOT shared.

Interview & Hire Co-Managers

Review proposals received. Reach out to co-managers you want to further conversations with. Finally, select the co-manager you want to hire.

How to Setup Co-Managers

Onboard Co-Manager

Invite your co-manager to join ‘My Team’.  My Team regards your portfolio and list of co-managers, who may manage. At this point, they will not see any data.

Add Co-Manager to Property

Assign co-managers to specific properties. This grants them access to view property data and receives alerts.

Co-Manage, Together!

With the landlord and co-manager sharing access to the rental property, each party will begin their rental management responsibilities.

Co-Access of Rental Property Data

For co-management to succeed, landlords and co-managers have to utilize the same source of management.  Meaning both parties need access to property management software that provides all the tools.

Account Ledger

Allow Co-Manager to manually add transactions to your property ledger for any transactions off-Burbz.

Setup Tenants

Able to invite new tenants and set up their lease terms so tenants can pay rent through Burbz.

Inspection Reports

Upload every move-in or move-out inspection report to the property’s ‘Documents’.

Upload Documents

Coordinate and store all documents related to the rental property.  Co-Managers can upload any PDFs and images.

Update Property Info

Allow your co-manager to keep property info updated as rent changes or new photos are listed.

Maintenance Status

Keep all parties informed on the status of current maintenance tickets.

Interested in getting co-management proposals?

Request proposals.
Interview. Hire. Co-Manage.

Start today by filling out our Request For Proposal form.  Describe the services you seek assistance with.  The first step to managing differently and in control.