Transparent Property Management

Full control.  Full transparency.


Landlords finally have a platform that allows delegation to property management. And still have full control.


Requesting Management Services

3 easy steps to receive FREE proposals for Co-Management services.


Request For Proposal

Fill out a simple form that will determine what services you need for leasing, rent collection and maintenance coordination.



Interested Co-Managers submit proposals for their fees and bonus rates.  Review their responses and short-list any you would like to meet.



Burbz encourages communication between landlords and co-managers.  That starts in the initial interview process.

Landlords set the access rights for managers

Setup Burbz Account and Co-Managers

Utilize the Burbz platform for rent collection and property needs.

Register Account as Landlord

Set up your free Burbz account.  Connect your bank account and have rent payments go directly to your account.

Create Property Profile

Setup important information on property: invite tenants, set lease dates, add photos, etc.

Invite / Add Co-Manager

Establish your partnership on Burbz platform.

Set Co-Manager Terms & Access

Always have full control of your rental management.  Co-Managers only have permission for what you determine.

Start Managing Today

Utilize Burbz property management software to optimize your rental management.

Rent Collection

All tenant transactions are deposited directly to you!  Co-Manager’s never touch your money.

Maintenance Coordination

Maintenance Ticketing Systems allows full transparency on tenant issues and repairs.


Burbz software lowers risk for landlords by allocating all Co-Manager earnings.


Don’t worry.  Burbz automatically sends late rent notifications! 

How much does Co-Management cost?

Calculate your savings with Co-Management!

Landlords are able to save 20-35% on management fees.  Use your real numbers to see how much you could save!

How much does property manager cost?

Interested in incentive based Co-Management?

Sign up today to learn more about co-managing and how you can save on management fees.

A la carte property management

Looking to hire a property manager?

Consider co-management.

Burbz platform is the only solution to bring landlords and managers together.  Landlords have complete transparency of their rental management.

•  Request proposals, see their rates

•  Interview candidates

•  You define the scope of service

•  More affordable, best customer service

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