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Accounting software for rental properties

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Online Rent Collection

Online rent collection has never been this simple! Tenants pay directly to your bank account and never see your personal info. Learn more

Background Screening

Select the perfect tenants for your rental.  Review and screen applicants in an easy-to-use format.  Find the best candidate. Learn more

Maintenance Ticketing

Stay organized with the maintenance of your rental.  Track open items.  Build your team and delegate tasks by trade.  Learn more

Optimize your bookkeeping.

Record every transaction that corresponds with your real estate portfolio.  Our system allows you to view on a portfolio, property or even specific unit level.  Connect your bank for direct deposit rent collection and any payments made through Burbz is automatically recorded.  Save time with automation.


Benefits of accounting software for rental properties
Accounting for real estate portfolio

Tenant due diligence.

Before letting any tenant move in, search and reveal any concerns from their past.  Burbz allows you to order a background report and credit check.  These reports can help reduce your risk and increase the quality of tenants you select.

Maintenance software for rental property

Track and coordinate maintenance for your portfolio.

Receive emails notifying of maintenance issues at your rentals.  Our system allows you to keep track of status.  Keep a record of issues to jog your memory when tenants move out or to recall age of appliances.

Maintenance software for rental property
Rental property accounting software

Have Your Co-Manager Assist

When you hire a co-manager, both of you will share access to the same software.  If you ever stop working with that co-manager, all the property data belongs and remains with the landlord.

Any alerts and notifications, such as payments or maintenance issues, are sent to both parties.  Keeping you informed.

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