If you are a property manager, finding clients can sometimes be a struggle. While building your network is key, word of mouth can only get you so far. If you are a small firm or even a solo manager, it may seem like your competitors have massive property managment marketing budgets and steal up all the leads.

Let’s cover some of the best property management marketing strategies for 2019. Even including one or two of these methods into your efforts can yield some great results!


Property management marketing – 5 simple strategies


1. Start a blog to get search traffic

Turning to search engines like Google is where most people go when looking for property managers. It’s easy to type, “find a property manager near me” and choose the first few options. Ranking high on Google is something everyone talks about, but it is an excellent place to start.

Keep your website fresh by writing new blog content each week or two. Look up some basic search engine optimization techniques to target people in your area. Try to include local information about your city that can provide some benefit to your readers. It only takes 1-2 hours per week to write a new blog post. Learn more about content marketing at www.Moz.com/blog


2. Get social

Do you have a Facebook page? Are you on Twitter? Good. These sites are a start. However, simply having an account on a social network is not enough to market to owners in your area.

Try to build useful content on your social media channels. Think of what people may share with one another. Creating content that people can interact with and share will help you build your presence.

Here are some ideas that you can use on your social networks to maximize your property management marketing efforts:

  • Include home improvement tips
  • Start a contest
  • Ask questions – “What would you want in your dream apartment?”
  • Share videos of your staff to show your personality
  • Offer advice for getting the best deals of rentals


3. Be transparent

Property managers are not alone when it comes to hoarding information. Many firms do not want to share their Property Management Agreements unless an owner asks for it. They may not post their fee structure on their website. While you may not want your competitors to see everything you offer, being open with potential customers is crucial. Don’t forget that the content on your site is crucial for your property management marketing campaigns.

Build a portion of your website that answers any question a potential client might have. Think about common issues like management fees, maintenance coordination, and tenant placement. Show owners exactly what they will get and how they will still make a profit from your service.


4. Master your paid advertising campaigns

One of the easiest ways to get property management leads is through Google Ads. This is excellent if you are a small or new firm. While your competitors might rank at the top of all search results, you can put your name right by theirs with PPC ads.

This task is simple, but it is not always easy. You may need to hire an in-house marketer, partner with a company, or learn paid advertising on your own. There are many free resources to get you started. If you want a more professional course, you can try taking a course at www.udemy.com.


5. Sign up for Burbz

When it comes to property management marketing, nothing is better than getting the leads sent right to your inbox. With Burbz, you can find owners in your area who need property managers. You can browse our marketplace to see what properties are on the market and submit a proposal.

Owners can review your terms, fees, and services and then award you their business. The best part of all? All leads are free. You only pay Burbz when you win new business.

Learn more about Burbz here.