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Free property management software

Burbz is a unique combination of property management software and gig economy platform.  Landlords can self-manage with our simple tools.  Or, hire help from local contractors.  Either way, our free landlord software has a solution for your management desires.

Simple ways to benefit from our landlord software

free property management software

Built for landlords, by landlords

Lower your real estate expenses with our free software.  Burbz helps landlords get paid directly from tenants.

free property management software

A la carte management

Burbz is the only online solution that allows landlords to both self-manage and hire out help.  Co-Management is our gift to landlords looking for more control and transparency.



free property management software to make life easier

Easier rental management

Stop wasting time on manual processes.  Burbz provides free tools so you can automate your management.  Helping you relax and enjoy life more.

 A la carte property management software

Rent Collection

Collecting rent online is simple and free!  Tenants are able to pay online through direct-deposit or credit/debit cards.  Free for landlords.


Solicit leasing agents or contractors to assist with your leasing efforts.  Agents will be paid through Burbz when 1st rent is collected.

Maintenance Ticketing

Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or never lifted a hammer, Burbz has the tools to better coordinate and track maintenance items.



Intuitive payment processing

Whether you self-manage or want to hire management, rent will be directly deposited into your account.
Our rental property software helps collect rent and also assists with other payments like security deposits and late fees.
free property management software to collect rent online
free property management software to list your property

LEASING (Coming Soon)

Get qualified tenants and straightforward leases

Burbz empowers landlords to control all aspects of leasing. If you need help, create a Request For Proposal to hire a leasing agent through Burbz

The leasing agent you choose can handle the entire process or simply assist with specific tasks. Or, self-perform all leasing tasks with the support of our landlord software.


Maintain your property online without breaking a sweat

Are you a DIY’er?  Or prefer to hire contractors instead?

Burbz has the tools to better coordinate and track maintenance items.

Our online property management software helps receive and track maintenance items.  Update the status accordingly.  Or, set as deferred to address the issue later.

free property management software to track maintenance

Learn about free property management software

Want to learn more about online rent collection?

Prefer to self-manage everything?

Burbz offers landlords a free management software

Collect rent online and directly to your bank

Online Rent Collection

Online rent collection has never been this simple! Tenants pay direct to your bank account.  They do not see your personal information. Learn more

Pull Background Reports and Credit Checks on potential tenants

Background Screening

Select the perfect tenants for your unit. Review and screen applicants in an easy to use format.  Find the best candidate. Learn more

Stay on top of maintenance or coordinate with vendors easier

Maintenance Ticketing

Stay organized with the maintenance of your rental. Landlords, managers, tenants, and contractors can all communicate. Track open items. Build your team and delegate tasks by trade. Learn more.

Free landlord software, no monthly contracts or fees

Free?  Yes.


Burbz provides the essential tools that any landlord or manager will need. Free!  This is our commitment to the value of helping landlords. Revenue is generated through non-essential tools.  Learn More.

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