Co-Manager Tasks.

You determine the best way to utilize co-management and your co-manager.

Tasks that require licenses

Certain co-management tasks require licensing, every state and city have their regulations.  It is important to seek a Co-Manager with the proper licensing when hiring tasks that require such.  Co-Managers are allowed to handle majority of tasks but it is important to know which might require licenses.

Lease Negotiations

States may require a license to discuss anything sales-related: rent amount, fees, or duration of lease.


Co-Managers that self-perform repairs might need licensing in that specific trade.

Not Rent Collection?

Traditionally, yes.  Not with Burbz. Rent is sent directly to the landlord.  Making this an obsolete issue.

Maintenance and Inspections

Move In / Out Inspections

Have your co-manager perform walk-through inspections.  Then upload their reports to the Shared Documents.

Maintenance Inspections

Before calling an expensive handyman or contractor, first, have your co-manager inspect the cause of the problem.  Sometimes repairs are simple.


Not every co-manager is a handyman. If yours is, consider a pre-negotiated handyman rate to handle minor repairs.

Updating Status

Track the status of each maintenance ticket on Burbz.  Co-Managers can confirm and update the status accordingly.

Preventative Maintenance

Extend the duration of major appliances of your rental by preventative maintenance. Co-Managers can coordinate with HVAC for scheduled inspections.


Allow your co-manager to coordinate between contractors and tenants.  Get quotes, schedule times, and inspect work.

Shows. Screening. And Leasing. Oh my!

List Rental

Get help setting up your rental on popular rental listing sites. Allow them to write the bio and update photos.

Coordinate Showings

Receive all interested emails and schedule showings.

Open Access

Perhaps you wish to handle all communication and reviews, but need help opening the door.  The benefit of being hyperlocal is getting to the rental quickly.

Host Open Houses

Open houses are a great and effective method to attain new tenants.  Allow your local co-manager to show the highlights of the rental.


Send forms. Receive applications. Review applicants.

Handle Screenings

Coordinate with applicants to order screening reports.  Provide review and input on shortlisting tenants.

Lease Coordination

Work with the tenants to fill out their lease agreements.  Track its status.  Upload to Documents.

Keeping up the records

Adding Tenants

Every time a new tenant moves in, there are a few required actions to get them added and paying rent online.


While Burbz automatically adds all transactions online to your accounting ledger, there are offline transactions that need to be added. Co-Managers can assist to save you time.

Important Documents

Upload important documents to the property for record. Consider receipts, agreements, images, etc.

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