Co-Management is fair.


Property management is evil.


Co-management was created to benefit landlords and managers.  Align their interests so everybody involved succeeds together.

More Affordable.  Better Quality.  More Transparent.  More Control.


Rental management aligned with your financial interest.

What is co-management?

  • New management option. More control for landlords
  • Hyper-Local Managers.  They live in same neighborhood, on same street or even be the neighbor!
  • Nobody cares more about quality of property or tenants than neighbors!
Co-Managers are hyper-local and side-hustle income.
Co-Managers all have unique ratings.

How is it better quality of service?

Co-Managers have ratings based on key sub-categories (i.e. Maintenance Coordination, Communication, Tenant Selection).  These ratings become their ‘brand’, therefore higher ratings can validate their quality and justify higher rates or better close rates.
Landlords grant their Co-Managers certain access rights.

How is it more transparent?

It is your responsibility to grant your Co-Manager viewing rights to whatever you want/need them to see.  You will always see every transaction, request, and expense!

Discover more on transparency and control.
A la carte management means paying for only what you need.

I only need help with a few tasks.

That’s the beauty of Burbz!  We allow landlords to create the ideal scope of tasks you wish to hire out.  Since it’s a la carte approach, you decide! 

 Learn more about setting scope.
Co-Management can save 25-35% compared to traditional

Does it cost more?

Let me think about that…no!

Compared to ‘full-service’ property management, our landlords see a 25-35% savings in management!  If you have a mortgage then you can see your Net Profit nearly increase by 2.5 times! 

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Co-Management offers an Earn-Earn partnership

How does co-managing save me money?

To summarize: bonus and incentive based structure. Co-Management contracts are all competitive and negotiated, based on Earn-Earn partnerships.

Learn about incentives.
Landlords can hire 'landlord-friendly' management

Who are these co-managers?

Anybody who is willing to work hard and earn income.  They can be realtors or neighbors.  As long as they are excited about an Earn-Earn partnerships and can provide you great customer service. 

Want to learn more about co-management?

Out with the old.  In with the fair!

Earn-Earn partnerships are based on bonus incentives that reward your Co-Manager for profitting and reducing your risk.

Traditional Property Management Fees.

Traditional managers have no incentive for late rent

Why pay your Property Management for doing a bad job?  When the tenant THEY placed pays late, the PM gets rewarded.  Most importantly, you’re at risk of default.

Traditional managers have no recourse for vacancyEver notice Property Management lacks the same urgency for tenant placement as you?  Due to earning their Leasing Bonus regardless of how long it takes, you enable your PM the luxury of taking their time.
Did you know the Leasing Bonus is nearly 50% of the compensation  Property Management will earn annually?  To put it differently, this explains why they are not motivated for the remainder of the year.  Seeing that since money follows through the management company, you have no choice but to pay them upfront.

Co-Management Incentives.


Co-managers have an incentive for on-time rent

When do landlords want their rent?  On-time.  Co-Managers are able to earn a bonus every month the tenant pays on time.  Now your Co-Manager is motivated to be proactive about rent payments!

Managers have an incentive to minimize vacancy

Vacancy KILLS landlords gross income.  Co-Managers propose their projected ‘vacancy weeks’ in their proposal.  The remainder of that budget becomes their bonus.  Above all their incentive is minimizing vacancy, which is best done by being proactive!

Co-management bonuses are amortized

Why should your manager earn their entire Leasing Bonus if the tenant moves out early?  Burbz automatically amortizes the leasing/vacancy bonus for your Co-Manager throughout the duration of their lease agreement.  Now you both want the tenants to stay the entire duration.

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