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Limit is up to you when you are a co-manager

License requirements and limitations

Do you need a license for property management?  Yes.

Well, that was before Burbz created co-management.  Since co-management is flexible between landlord and co-manager, unlicensed individuals can still co-manage except for these limitations.


Representing a landlord to negotiate rent amount, lease durations, and terms. Landlords are allowed to represent themselves if needed.

Rent Collection

Traditional property manager collects rent and holds it for several weeks in a business account.  We completely eliminated this, sending rent directly to the landlord.

Local Regulations

Every city/state has its own licensing requirements.  It is important to review and stay within your legal limitations.

Monthly management income

The bulk of fees earned are through monthly management fees.  Landlords pay monthly to have a co-manager available to assist as needed.

Depending on the total service required from a landlord, co-managers expect to earn $50-150 per unit, monthly.  Typical fees:

  • Percentage of rent, or flat rate
  • Earned when rent is paid
  • Paid directly to your bank account


Customer service centric

Success as a co-manager is all about providing amazing service to landlord clients. Continue to work hard to satisfy landlord clients and your rates could justify increasing.

Landlords are seeking co-managers that are great communicators, transparent and trustworthy.

Work whenever is needed

Rental properties never sleep.  Repair issues can occur any day or time.  Co-Managers must be willing to address emergency issues on holidays or middle of the night.  Emergencies are uncommon but when they do occur, co-managers are expected to be available.

Practically never are there exploding toilets at midnight.  Common emergencies include HVAC failures during extreme weather and needing to coordinate with a repair contractor.

Traits of successful Co-Managers


Landlords appreciate knowing what is happening.


Focusing on satisfying landlord’s needs and requests.


Rental management does not require urgent and immediate actions. The majority of the time, it requires a timely responsive first.


Stay ahead of issues.  Look for opportunities to minimize landlord risk. 


Co-Managers work for themselves.  Ability to bid for rental units. Set a schedule and routine.

Ready to earn money as a

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