Co-Manager FAQs

Allow us to answer questions about being a co-manager

Proposals and interviewing

Do I have to pay to submit a proposal?

No.  We encourage our co-managers to submit proposals when the location and service requests fit your skillsets and desires.

How long does it take to get my first unit?

There are no guarantees for winning business from landlords.  Experience, services, and pricing all factor into your odds of success.  As well as the frequency of Request For Proposals in your area.

Can I contact the landlord directly?

No.  Landlord’s contact info is intentionally withheld.  After reviewing your proposal, interested landlords will reach out.  At that point, landlords can give you their contact information.

How to increase my odds of winning units?

Provide great customer service so you earn a reputation with other landlords.  If you are new to co-management, consider competitive pricing.  And create a professional profile since this is the first impression.

Experience requirements

Do I need my real estate license?

Depends.  Most states require a license to manage property but there are only a few actual tasks you need a license for. 

These licensed tasks typically need lease negotiations and rent collection since traditional management holds money in their business accounts.  Since Burbz handles the rent collection portion and prevents co-managers from every accessing landlord’s money, this eliminates or significantly reduces the need for a license. 

When handling the leasing, a license is required in most states to discuss and negotiate pricing, terms, and durations.  Therefore you can show a unit but cannot state its rent amount.  Every co-manager is responsible for researching their local municipalities’ laws and regulations.

If I have my license, does that help?

It doesn’t hurt.  With your real estate license, it opens every service to your offering and it can be used as a competitive advantage.

Do I need property management experience?

No.  Burbz offers webinars to help educate co-managers.  As well as provide useful guides and emails with the latest education.  It is important to be educated but no experience is required.

When are co-management education webinars?

We hold them monthly.  After registering, look for our emails with upcoming events and educational content.

Managing rentals

Do I have to live within a certain distance of the rentals?

Landlords set that requirement.  A value of Burbz co-management is hyperlocal because it creates more convenient trips to the rental unit.  Therefore it is encouraged for your managed units to be located within close proximity.

Do I need my own managing tools and programs?

Nope.  Burbz offers all the property management software you and the landlord will need to successfully manage!  We encourage you to learn how to operate our software, it is fairly straightforward.

Who manages the eviction process?

This is very important to discuss with your landlord clients.  Hopefully, it never comes to this but there are legal processes to follow.  If co-managers have the knowledge, experience, and willingness then they can offer that service.  Otherwise, we encourage co-managers to not avoid this service.

Am I responsible for coordinating contractors?

Depends on your service agreement.  Co-Managers are allowed to be the maintenance coordinator for landlords.  Helping schedule, follow-up, and request proposals.  This is a big benefit to landlords.

What equipment do I need to co-manage?

We suggest cellphone and reliable transportation.  Being hyperlocal could mean you walk if you wish.  Or drive, bike, bus, etc.  Cellphones are important for communicating with the landlord and tenants.

Co-Manager and income

How much will I earn?

Depends on multiple factors: volume of units, rates and services.  More units and higher rates you charge will determine your potential earnings.

How do I collect my earnings?

Everything occurs through Burbz.  When rent is paid, co-managers will earn their fees.  Landlords also can make payments to co-managers if needed.  Usually for additional work or reimbursements.

Is there a minimum amount of units I need to co-manage?

Just one.

Is there a maximum amount of units I can co-manage?

Focus on quality service.  While there is no maximum, we encourage you to stay within your limitations and not let quality suffer.

Are co-managers employees of Burbz?

No.  Co-Managers are independent contractors.  Burbz is simply the platform that helps connect parties and provides free software to do the work.

Can I create a co-management business?

No.  Co-Managers need to be individuals and not firms.  We found individuals perform better quality service than businesses.  Landlords come to Burbz knowing their co-manager is an individual.

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