Help Local Landlords.
Earn Money.

Exciting opportunity to help y our neighborhood and earn additional income.

Income opportunity

Exciting opportunity for motivated locals to earn additional income simply by helping landlords.  Every landlord has their requests, which are communicated during the proposal process.

Managing a rental does not require a lot of time.  Therefore, fees earned from a single unit are not a lot.  Co-Managers often decide to manage a volume of units to earn more fees per month as a larger sum.


Determine how many units you want to manage.  Determine your rates. You control your workload.


Manage rentals near your home. Landlords are seeking co-managers to be hyperlocal.

Minimal Overhead

Getting started requires your desire! No startup costs or vehicles expenses. Work from home.

What factors your earning potential

Volume of rentals

Manage as low as a single rental.  Or, manage dozens.

Your rates

Set your rates. More services you include justify higher rates. 

Quality of service

Landlords are willing to pay for great customer service. Great performance and communication justify higher rates.  Higher ratings make it easier to win more units.

Monthly management income

The bulk of fees earned are through monthly management fees.  Landlords pay monthly to have a co-manager available to assist as needed.

Depending on the total service required from a landlord, co-managers expect to earn $50-150 per unit, monthly.  Typical fees:

  • Percentage of rent, or flat rate
  • Earned when rent is paid
  • Paid directly to your bank account


Leasing assistance

There are many tasks during the leasing process.  Landlords determine the degree of their own involvement.  Negotiated before assisting landlords, leasing assistance fees are typically paid as a one-time payment.

Full Leasing Service:  Handle everything required to get a new tenant moved in.  Typically earn $500 and up to a month’s rent amount.

Per Showing:  Distanced landlords may seek your assistance to simply open the door to show prospects the unit.  Typically, earn a flat fee for unlimited showings or set an amount per showing.

    Inspections: move in, out and other

    Landlords need somebody hyperlocal to assist with inspections.  Requiring about 60-90 mins worth of time to fill out reports for move-ins and review previous reports for move-outs.  Other inspections can be for maintenance issues or periodic inspections for condition reviews.

    Included with Monthly Fee:  Co-Managers have the flexibility to justify a higher monthly management fee by including inspections as part of their services.

    Per Trip:  Co-Managers who do not include inspections in their monthly fees typically charge per trip.  Whenever requested by the landlord.  Move-In/Out inspections typically range from $50-100.  Other inspections typically range from $20-50.

    Maintenance coordination

      Rentals eventually need repair.  Before sending out an expensive handyman or contractor, landlords prefer to have the issues inspected to determine the proper move.
      Assist with in-person review, coordinate with tenant and contractors to assure the issue is resolved.

    Self-perform repairs (optional)

    Co-Managers that are knowledgeable in repairs typically offer to perform the work as a separate fee.  These are minor repairs that can take minutes or an hour or two.  Benefits to landlords: easier coordination and more affordable since contractors have a trip charge.

    Co-Managers need approval from landlords to perform any work.  This includes approval of scope and costs.  Income varies based on quantity and frequency of work.

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