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Employment and Licensing

Do Co-Managers need a license?

Depends.  Most management tasks do not require a license in the the majority of states.  However, some tasks will require a license if the co-manager is handling certain leasing (sales).  If the co-manager is handling negotiations for rent and durations, that can be considered sales.  However, no license is usually required for showing the unit and describing the unit and amenities.

Are Co-Managers individuals or companies?

Individuals.  We want to avoid the headaches of dealing with businesses and found that individuals perform better.  In some instances, co-managers can be a power duo such as husband and wife if each has a unique skill to bring.

Are Co-Managers Burbz employees?

No.  Co-Managers are independent contractors.  Burbz is only a platform that helps connect landlords and co-managers.  Therefore, Co-Managers are free to set their own rates and services.

Are Co-Managers my employee?

No.  Co-Managers are independent contractors.  They work for themselves.

Contract, Termination and Clauses

How much does a Co-Manager cost?

Every co-manager has the flexibility to determine their own rates.  Landlords can negotiate rates as well.

Do Co-Managers handle everything for rental management?

Landlords ultimately decide how much responsibility they want their co-managers to have.  Yes, a landlord can completely outsource the entire management.  Or, a landlord can outsource specific tasks they need help and then self-perform the remaining tasks.

Can I have multiple Co-Managers?

Yes.  A benefit of co-management is hyperlocal.  Some landlords choose to have multiple co-managers to make sure the rental is within a certain distance.

Is it actually month-to-month contracts?

Yes.  Landlords asked for month-to-month, we delivered.  When a co-manager is terminated, there is a 1-month fee from the landlord.  Therefore it is important to notify the co-manager 30 days out.

Is there a termination fee?

1 month of management fees.  Therefore it is important to notify the co-manager at least 30 days before.

What happens to my property data after a Co-Manager is terminated?

The data will always remain with the landlord.  This keeps the process clean and simple.  Your former co-manager will no longer have access to the data and notifications.  The lone exception is Co-Manager fees.  Since these transactions impacted the Co-Manager directly, we allow them to retain their fees data so they can track their own income.

Why not hire a traditional property management company?

You can.  Most landlords appreciate the control and transparency of Burbz.  Traditional property management comes with a lot more blind trust and risks for landlords.  However, for some landlords, traditional management might still be a good solution.

What happens if I sell the property?

You should discontinue rent collection for that property.  You should keep the property on Burbz for at least a year so the accounting records remain.  And if you love Burbz, we always appreciate word-of-mouth referrals to the new landlord!

Will Burbz just assign a Co-Manager?

No.  We believe it is important for every landlord to make this decision.  Every landlord, portfolio, and rental is unique.

Request For Proposal Process

How does Burbz make money?

Several ways.  With co-management, we earn a $10 fee per month per unit if there is a co-manager assigned.  Other revenue comes from screening reports, fast payments, credit card payments, legal documents, and rental estimates.

Can I use the Burbz software without a Co-Manager?

Of course!  We offer it free to DIY landlords.

What if I get no proposal responses?

Burbz does not guarantee a proposal will be submitted for every request.  As independent contractors, Co-Managers have the flexibility to review each request and determine if they are interested.

Why is some Co-Manager's fee so high?

As independent contractors, Co-Managers have the flexibility to determine their own rates based on your Request For Proposal.  Their pricing is typically impacted by the quality of rental, quantity of units, distance, and what services you are requesting.  We encourage you to interview and negotiate.

Can I negotiate management rates?

Absolutely.  Burbz is not involved but we encourage communication between both parties.

Is my contact info included on Request For Proposals?

No!  We believe in protecting the landlord’s identity on the initial requests.  Once you receive a proposal, it is your responsibility to respond which will then provide that specific manager your contact info.

I don't own property yet but want to find a Co-Manager to partner with. Is that allowed?

We discourage that but cannot prevent it.  Please respect our co-managers and only submit a request once you have leads.  If too many ‘potential property owner’ requests are made, it can harm the integrity of our Request For Proposal process.  We are confident once you have a property there will be a great co-manager for you.

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