Co-Management vs. Property Management


Co-Management vs Property Management



Burbz Co-Management


Co-Managers earn income several ways.  To maximize their earnings, they must be successful in helping you profit more.

On-Time Rent Bonus

Co-Managers never earn Late Fees.  Instead, they earn a bonus when their tenants pay on time!  Incentive to find good tenants who pay on time.

Vacancy Bonus

Co-Managers propose a ‘vacancy budget’.  They earn the remaining budget after leasing.  Incentive is to be proactive and sign long-term leases to minimize vacancy.

Amortized Bonuses

Co-Managers earn their ‘vacancy bonus’ throughout the year.  Each month the tenant pays rent, they earn 1/12th of their bonus.


Property  Management

Fixed and Unfair

Traditional property management incentives are counterintuitive.  They earn more when your risk is increased.

Late Fees

Traditional Property Managers earn late fees when the tenant placed pays late.  Where’s the incentive to screen for a better tenant?

Leasing Fee

Traditional property management has no recourse for vacancy.  They earn their entire fee regardless.   Where’s the incentive to minimize vacancy?

Paid Upfront

Traditional property management requires their leasing bonus be paid upfront.  That’s 50% of their annual income received on Day 1!