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Unique opportunity to get discounted management and help shape a new industry.

Help shape the co-management industry.  Join today to be a beta user!

What is co-management?

Co-Management is built on the principle that landlords should have a say in their rental management.  With the help of local individuals to assist in managing rentals, landlords have the flexibility to manage their rental portfolio how they see best.

Both parties utilize Burbz platform to perform their tasks.  Our platform provides rent collection, accounting, maintenance ticketing, screening reports and more.

Why consider being a beta Landlord?

There are many reasons to consider being a beta-Landlord:

You believe in our vision for improving property management for our fellow landlords.

You’re an early adopter type and like to help shape a company, features, and, in a rare opportunity, an entirely new industry category.

Your past property manager was so bad you figure it can’t get any worse.  Hey, we won’t judge!

Property manager side hustle income

What is expected from me?

We ask for your involvement: hire a co-manager, co-manage and provide feedback.

Throughout your experience, we will send surveys about your experiences and ask for the occassional conversation to discuss more.  As well, we may ask you to try out new features before they go public.

You will need to go through the process of hiring a co-manager and co-managing together.  We ask for at least a 6 month commitment so you and the co-manager can work out any professional wrinkles.  You may change co-managers if you’re not satisified.


What’s in it for me?  You know, compensation.

Ah, yes!  We intend to compensate you for your time and efforts.  Burbz will provide a reimbursement for a portion of your co-manager fees.  Up to $25 monthly.  This will be paid through our platform and sent to one of your properties.

Interested in our beta program?  Join today!

Interested in getting co-management proposals?

Request proposals.
Interview. Hire. Co-Manage.

Request proposals.  Interview. Hire. Co-Manage.

Start today by filling out our Request For Proposal form.  Describe the services you seek assistance with.  The first step to managing differently and in control.

Additional info and FAQ.

When can quit being a beta?

Anytime you wish.  We ask you send us an email with your intentions so we can stop sending future beta content.

What if I do not like my co-manager?

This is a real life beta program, we want you to utilize it as if you were not a beta user.  You may switch out your co-managers if you desire.

We ask all landlords to give their co-managers a few months to adjust to your expectations.  We encourage the co-managers to do the same.

Do we have to use the Burbz platform?

Yes.  As a beta user, we will be asking about your experience both working with a co-manager and using our software.

How long is a typical beta trial?

We ask for a 6 month commitment.  We won’t hold you to it if you absolutely want out but we prefer to communicate our expectation upfront.

How will this impact my tenants?

It shouldn’t impact your tenants.  If they’re interested, we would appreciate hearing from them about their experience but that is not a requirement.

I prefer to DIY, not interested in hiring a co-manager.

Perfect.  We can still utilize beta users for our software as well.  We would skip all the co-management features and have you provide feedback on the software instead.

Compensation terms would be different.

What markets can I be a beta landlord in?

Currently, we are selective about the markets we want to attract beta users in.  Primarily in the Phoenix, Arizona market.  However, we are always open to other markets and encourage you to contact us to discuss an opportunity for your rentals markets.

How much time will this take?

We suggest you plan on 1-2 hours extra per month.  The surveys are typically short, simple and straightforward.  Occassionally, we’ll ask for a conversation instead or wish to show you a demo.  These typically take 45-60 mins but might not occur every month.

Who will I be interacting with?

Mostly with our founder/CEO Kenny Dahill.  He believes it is important to interact with users and have a direct line.  However, there may be other product managers you interact with.