Burbz gives you protection. Free background screening.

Run background reports and credit checks on your applicants.

Burbz free background reports and credit checks

Credit Check

Review each applicants credit history so you can rest assure they are capable of paying on-time.  Reports show their Late Payment tendencies.

Burbz free background reports and credit checks

Background Reports

Review each applicants background to confirm any significant past issues that might hinder your decision.  This includes any evictions.

Credit Check and Background Screening reports cost $34.99.

Combined.  Paid by the applicant.

Why do you partner with RentPrep for background screenings?

The fact that 23% of credit reports have errors, we believe it is best to  partner with a firm that includes hand-checking.  Selecting the right tenant is a crucial factor to your rental properties success.  Providing more value on the reports with better accuracy is the reason we partner with RentPrep.

Which credit reporting agencies do you use?

Burbz uses Transunion for our preferred reporting agency.  Our reports are their MySmartMove line of reports, which target real estate and more beneficial for landlords.

Who pays: landlord or applicant?

Your choice!  Burbz allows the landlord to make the decision; most have the applicant pay.  After entering the applicant information, they receive an email for the payment.

Why does Burbz charge for reports?

Each report costs Burbz as an expense.  In order to provide landlords with the primary tools to success for free, as a business we must supplement our revenue elsewhere to afford that luxury for all landlords to benefit from.

Can I share an applicants report?

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, FCRA, it is illegal to share any report belonging to another person.  You can learn more at FRCA official website.

Does Burbz help with other parts of the screening process?

While tenant screening reports are a critical element of the screening process, there are additional tasks.  Burbz helps you start this process with our Rental Application feature.  Interested parties can share all the standard information you need to start analyzing their credenitials.