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Allow us to share what makes Burbz truly unique.

Our story.

Burbz came as a direct need from our founder, Kenny.  As a landlord since 2010, he learned about real estate investing from BiggerPockets.  On those forums, a consistent problem kept recurring with other landlords:  landlords were taken advantage of by their property managers.

Upon further investigating, there were major flaws in how property management companies were organized and their incentives.  Landlords were given two choices: reluctantly hire full-service property managers with terrible terms or self-manage everything.  There was nothing in between.

In 2018, Kenny decided to leave his role as an institutional commercial developer to solve property management.  Creating the category of property management known as Co-Management.

Today, we strive to provide a platform for landlords with simplified property management, on their terms.  Because we understand every landlord’s needs are unique.


Our Values

Burbz and co-management were founded on the same principles.   Efforts are made to honor these values for landlords, co-managers, and Burbz itself.

Transparency leads to honesty

Transparency not only leads to honesty, but it also leads to keeping things easy.  When you have nothing to hide, there is less stress.

Our commitment to landlords is providing the best platform that always provides all of their portfolio information instantaneously.

Our commitment to co-managers is helping provide real leads and never presenting fake leads.  Unlike all the other marketplaces, we differ by providing free leads so you know the legitimacy.

Our commitment to Burbz as a business is always being clear in our vision and intentions. We want our customer success to be our brand and every customer appreciates honesty.


Control = Freedom

Control is perhaps our biggest solution to property management.  Acknowledging every party involved is important.

Our commitment to landlords is guaranteeing you will always have final control of your rental’s management.  After all, it is your risk and therefore should have the final say when needed.

Our commitment to co-managers is allowing you to develop your co-management style.  Acknowledging that everybody has a unique style and set of skills.  Not every co-manager needs to be a full-service provider.

Our commitment to Burbz is empowering our teams to take ownership and bring new initiatives to life.


    Everybody is unique.  Let’s acknowledge and empower them!

    Our commitment to landlords to provide modern solutions to their rental management that allows for complete flexibility.  Burbz acknowledges every landlord, portfolio, and unit are all unique.  Landlords generally have a preference for how they want their rentals managed, we’ll continue to make our platform help landlords succeed.

    Our commitment to co-managers is to provide an income opportunity that fits your lifestyle and needs.  We will not put a cap on how many units are managed or rates charged.  Our goal is helping co-managers become successful to improve your life.

    Our commitment to Burbz is acknowledging our ideas might not be perfect.  We will listen to our incredible customers for feedback, suggestions, and even criticism.  Our mission is to improve the entire rental experience for all parties, how we achieve that will be in an everchanging and flexible journey.


    Kenny Dahill, CEO

    Founder and CEO of Burbz.  Kenny Dahill brings a unique blend of business, experience, and passion to Burbz.  As a landlord, Kenny is leading the effort to ensure Burbz vision of co-management is beneficial to landlords, co-managers, and tenants.

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