The idea of Burbz being an a la carte property management solution came as a direct need from our co-founder, Kenny Dahill. He began investing in real estate in 2010 and has experienced the difficulties that landlords have with property management. Kenny’s properties are located within a mile of his home. It was easy for him to maintain these units, but he always wanted to outsource leasing. Kenny noticed that he was stuck with two choices: Pay for full-service management or entirely self-manage. There was nothing in between.In response to this issue, Kenny enlisted Jon Johnson and launched Burbz in 2018 to start addressing this need. At Burbz, we know the risks landlords face with finding quality property management, which is why it’s our top concern. We believe every landlord needs are unique, which is why our solution allows flexibility for landlords who are seeking full-service, self-manage or need help with certain tasks. Burbz strives to give landlords a simplified way to get property management on their terms


Our values are what created Burbz, and they haven’t changed since our first day of business. They shape our actions
and help us reach better goals. They are involved in every decision we make when it comes to serving our clients.

Increase Profits

We believe investing in real estate can transform generations and help wealth distribution. As landlords ourselves, we understand the importance that profit is the core objective for every investment. We empower landlords to be competitive in their markets and minimize unnecessary expenses. We also believe both parties should make a profit in every transaction. We empower vendors to focus more on quality of service while Burbz helps solve expensive marketing needs.

Rewarding Quality

There are ample areas of risk when investing in real estate. With modern technology, risk can be mitigated by identifying individuals who are top performers and provide exposure so they can help others succeed. 

Earn- Earn

Any good partnership should acknowledge the benefits each party has.We believe in Earn-Earn relationships that focus on empowering all sides to create mutual success. 

Helping others succeed

By all means, launching Burbz is a sacrifice of our resources that prevents our founders from expanding their own portfolios for several years. We are passionate about helping other landlords succeed, improving the living conditions for tenants, and assisting quality vendors become more profitable. 


Kenny Dahill, CEO

As a residential investor and former institutional commercial developer for industrial properties, Kenny brings a unique combination of experiences. This perspective led to the ideation of a world that combines aspects of both fields and achieving excellence through rewarding partnerships

Jon Johnson, CTO

Jon bring 10+ years of software devleopment and project managementallows him to bring a unique view to the world of SaSS, this provides him an understanding of the power technology has to innovate and scale across all industries.