Free landlord software.  Modern property management.

The first a la carte property management platform that gives you total control.

free landlord software


 Free Online Rent Collection

 Free Tenant Screening Reports

No Monthly Membership Fees!

What makes Burbz unique? 

Your ability to self-manage or hire management.  On one platform.

free landlord software

Property Management Software

Start using Burbz free software.  Rent collection. Tenant screening reports. Maintenance ticketing.  Available for landlords and managers.

free landlord software

Incentive based management

Burbz is proud to present Co-Management.  For landlords seeking help with management based on modernized terms.  More affordable and better customer service solution for property management.

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Rental History Reports

Burbz offers landlords FREE rental history reports.  Providing you access to public records to review and select the best tenants.


    Background Checks

    Credit Reports


free landlord software and free background reports
free landlord software to collect rent

Collect Rent Online

Track online rent payments and expenses.  Burbz records every transaction that occurs on our rental freeware.


    Direct deposit

    ACH or Credit Cards

    No Partial Payments

    Income / Expense Tracker

Maintenance Tracker

Our software allows renters and landlords to coordinate maintenance online.  Stay organized.


    Maintenance Tickets

    Easily share with contractors

    Track status

free landlord software to track maintenance requests
Burbz is FREE landlord software

Is it truly free?

Yes.  We will not ask for your credit card to operate on Burbz. Truly is free landlord software.

How do we make money?

We provide the essential tools every landlord needs free: rent collection and screening reports. We provide additional tools that we earn revenue from: rental estimates and legal documents.

Burbz also generates revenue from tenant oriented features; paying rent by credit card, tenant screening reports.

Why offer a great product for free?

As landlords ourselves, it is important that we help our fellow landlords minimize their operating expenses.

Burbz is A La Carte Property Management

What is a la carte management?


Every property is unique.  Burbz offers landlords the flexibility to determine themselves which services fit their needs and budgets.

My properties is out-of-town…


Great!  Our software allows you to partner with a local individual.  You have more control now, even if your property is far, far away.

But I only need a little bit of help…


No problem.  With a la carte, there is no minimal requirement!  Utilize our free landlord software to fit the gaps you need covered.

Free landlord software


No monthly dues or membership fees.  We don’t ask for your credit card to get started!  What’s better than free?! Seriously, we’d like to know.


Incentive-Based Property Management

Every landlord has been seeking management that is fair.  Burbz presents Co-Management.  Modern property management that is based on an Earn-Earn partnership between landlords and managers.


    Modern incentives


    Monthly contracts

    Your custom scope

Online rent collection for portfolio
Maintenance ticketing for landlords

Time to update.  Rent paid directly to Landlord.

With modern technology, there is never a need for managers to hold onto rent money.  Tenants pay online and landlords receive their payments in a matter of days, instead of weeks.


    Receive rent payment faster

    Safer for landlords

    Income / Expense Tracker

    Auto-allocation of Landlord and Manager earnings

Only hire out what you need.

Traditional property management is an all-or-none approach.  With Burbz’ co-management, landlords can hire for the specific tasks they need help with.


    Landlords define scope

    Landlords set access rights

    More control

    More transparency

Online rent collection for portfolio

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