Have a say in your rental property

Co-Management isn’t just better property management.  It’s entirely different.  Designed for landlords.

How is Co-Management different?

Whereas traditional property management excludes the landlord, co-management includes the landlord.  Gone are the days that landlords have to rely blindly on and trust their property managers.

Co-Management is built on the partnership of a landlord and a local independent co-manager to help assist with your management needs.

Same management tasks.  Different approach.


Managing a rental property has many tasks. Landlords decide which task to self-perform and which to hire out.  Fully outsourced or partially.  We let you decide.


Since you’re in control, it’s crucial to have access to everything related to your rental.  Simultaneously receive alerts and notifications as your co-manager.


Every rental, portfolio, and landlord are different.  There is not a single solution.  Adjust your co-management strategy as your portfolio grows to fit your needs.

Don’t ever let a property manager touch your money again

Traditional property management requires the tenants to pay the management company.  Landlords must maintain a reserve account.  Leaving landlords helpless in arguments over late rent awareness or maintenance expenses.

On Burbz, rent is paid directly to the landlord.  And management fees are automatically paid when rent is.  Eliminating multiple ‘traditional’ tasks that nobody should pay for.

Reducing a landlord’s risk and increasing their control.

Hyperlocal management

Majority of managing a rental property can be done remotely.  However, there are tasks that need to be local.  Co-Managers are hyperlocal to your rentals.  Possibly even a neighbor.

We believe with proximity, co-managers are more capable:


  • Inspect maintenance requests quickly
  • Perform move in/out inspections
  • Coordinate access for contractors
  • Open access for lease showings

Co-Manager’s are Quality-Oriented

Property management is a low margin business. Therefore, they must take an excessive amount of rentals to survive.  This leads to a quantity focused business.  And with half their fees coming from leasing, they prefer to focus on tenant placements rather than maintaining the property.

Co-Management focuses on quality.  Since landlords assist in the management efforts, co-managers often have a primary focus on maintaining the property.  Since co-managing can be a full or part-time gig, there is less pressure on co-managers to take on hundreds of units to make a living.  They can manage as low as a single unit.

Landlord Friendly Contracts

Traditional property management contracts have clauses very unfavorable to the landlord.  Some accept the terms because they do not have another management option.  Other landlords simply were not aware and find out when it’s too late.

Burbz provides an ecosystem that supports and encourages landlords and co-managers to succeed.  That foundation starts with a simple management agreement between parties.  No hidden fees or clauses.

  • Month-to-Month contracts
  • No Early Termination clause
  • No ‘Sale Commission’ clause

Utilize our property management software to co-manage

Burbz core is a property management software.  Allowing landlords and co-managers to share access.  Don’t worry though, landlords have complete control of their portfolio.  Whenever you change co-managers, the property data stays with the landlord!

Interested in getting co-management proposals?

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Request proposals.  Interview. Hire. Co-Manage.

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